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Chris Van Wingerden - SunMed Head Grower


Moonrise Festival Founder

MC Hangs with Evan Weinstein - Steez Promo Events

"With Starscape Festival going away, we knew we had to come up with something new for the area. There has always been a solid dance music scene that stretches back decades. The focus became on what’s next. The name itself was just something we came up with in a brainstorm session at our office. I actually came up with it this name while we were putting names up on the board. The moon is an extremely interesting celestial body that has tons of weird theories and mystique tied to it. So it just worked..."


SunMed Photo Session

"We made the trek back up to our favorite Dutch-Style Maryland Cultivator, the amount of expansion and improvements are too many to list, so as they say that "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" - we've got several pages right here..."

Our Community

"I sought out therapy and learned how to love myself. "

I am LaWann Stribling of STRIB'ble Treats by STRIB'ble District, LLC

Our Community

"Cannabis helped me when I broke my L1 Vertebrae..."

Malcolm Roberts - Manager Blue Ridge Wellness and Music Artist @exporthitec

Hands In the Air - Culta Cookies

Visual Summary Highlight

Culta Cookies Launch Party

Saturday January 11th : 10am - Noon

Visual Summary Outside The Store, You Could Feel The Energy...

The atmosphere was festive and a hive of activity... The crowd patient and mellow cool. 

Baltimore and Maryland Represented Well.

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