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"Highest Standard"

District Cannabis - The Art & Science

Time to get excited Connoisseurs... District Cannabis has just christened their latest flagship cultivation facility out in Hagerstown that will soon enough begin to produce those "Highest Standard" products DC has become known for in the District right here in the Maryland Market.

Coming To MD - Summer 2020

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Free Delivery For Patients

Free Delivery For Patients

Get legal now - mycannx

"Get Legal Now - It's Easy + Save Money - Practice Safe Socially Distancing with Our Discounted Medical Cannabis TELEPHONE Evaluations Starting @ $50!"

Free Delivery For Patients

Free Delivery For Patients

Free Delivery For Patients


"STAY SAFE during these trying times with our cannabis delivery service - avoid the waiting room and lines with a safe secure and 'socially distant' delivery service"

Putting Patients First

Free Delivery For Patients

Liberty Curbside Pick-Up

The Botanist Medical Cannabis Dispensary

"The Botanist is located in Woodlawn about 25 minutes from downtown Baltimore. Our location is easily accessible by both commuters and locals alike"

Liberty Curbside Pick-Up

Online Ordering + Curbside Pick-Up

Liberty Curbside Pick-Up


"Safety and Health First - To help our patients maintain safe social distance during the emergency we have instituted an order online and curbside pick-up @ the store program"

Atlanta Sauce Company

Online Ordering + Curbside Pick-Up

Online Ordering + Curbside Pick-Up

Atlanta Sauce Company CBD

"Studies have shown the potential of Anti-Seizure, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Tumor properties of CBD can improve the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails when applied topically..."

Online Ordering + Curbside Pick-Up

Online Ordering + Curbside Pick-Up

Online Ordering + Curbside Pick-Up

Takoma Wellness Center

"We provide qualified, registered patients with a friendly, safe, and professional environment to legally obtain DC’s finest strains of medical marijuana."

Be Advised - During The State of Emergency:

All Maryland Dispensaries are required to limit transactions to curbside pick-up and delivery in order to maintain safe social distancing. To help facilitate this process we strongly encourage all Maryland Connoisseurs to take advantage of easy online ordering.


The Local Regional and National Cannabis Co

Liberty Cannabis

With eight years of cannabis production under their belt, Liberty Cannabis is THE oldest cannabis company on the East-Coast.

They are also the local guys having started up in the District and like the weed we all love have spread their own unique brand of goodness all over the country.

Photo Session @ Nature's Medicines

"Plants Over Pills & Patients Over Profits"

"The tight-knit community they have built out in Crofton is a testament to their tenaciousness and activist zeal - "From the Root To The Fruit" that classic old saying applies to Crofton Nature's Medicines well."

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