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Andy Likes Diamonds MD

"When Andy isn’t working or skating You can find him testing and pressing MMMj for his Crohn's disease, depression, anxiety and a few other things. So far he loves it! Throughout his trials, Some have been better then others though, and he’d like to share his honest opinions with everyone. His goal has been and will stay to just try new things, learn more and share more."


New York Muffin Live Resin Cake Badder - Evermore Company

This strain is a “myrcene tank” as far as I’m concerned. Strictly night time meds for me.

New York Muffin Live Resin Cake Badder - Evermore Company

  • THCA 76.5%
  • Myrcene-6.003%
  • Limonene-1.066%
  • Caryophyllene- .715%
  • CBGa -3.0%

Evermore co is still putting out countless great products and i believe we have one here guys. Let me tell you this badder is SO terpy and helped me personally lots! While this New York Muffin strain is down in the 70s as far as THC percentage its still so effective due to the terps working on you. It also tastes like candy from the terps in this one, then sets in before you’ve even finished cleaning your dab up. Which i LOVE.

This strain is a “myrcene tank” as far as I’m concerned. Strictly night time meds for me. Even though it would aid the inflammation from the Crohns disease throughout my day, I wouldn’t be able to fight the myrcene sleep! On top of the myrcene it has a solid bit of limonene and Caryophyllene, which i personally love. 

These are two of my favorites because both of these terpenes help exactly what i need helped. For me the the two of them help keep my crazy self thinking straight with no anxiety or sometimes my depression, (when i have depression that is). And the cherry on top is the aid they bring to my ridiculous indigestion i have often due to my Crohns disease especially after eating or laying down. 

All of these terps can help lots of other symptoms too, not to mention all the CGB! So just as an example limonene helps fight cancer cells and the CBG can aid in weight loss, and that's just two little points I’m highlighting that I’m not effected by as of now. 

  • This is just my experience so I’m sure there is more benefits then I’ve even experienced while dabbing this strain. All in all just another bombshell from evermore. Keep them coming guys, because i love it all!


Grapefruitz Hash Rosin - Evermore Cannabis

Evermore Cannabis is always very tasty but this hash rosin it top notch!

Evermore Cannabis
Grapefruitz Hash Rosin

Thca 77%
Caryophylene 3.999%
Linalool 2.542%
Limonene 1.719%
Humulene 1.559%

Evermore Cannabis has killed it again and again, but this time they nearly killed me! I say this because it felt like I died and went to heaven! This taste like the freshest flower tasting candy ever! 

Evermore Cannabis is always very tasty but this hash rosin it top notch!

Being someone with lots of anxiety I don’t sleep well, and well these meds solved that problem. First you experience the flavor like I previously stayed. Immediately following that, you have this disbelief of how sticky your mouth, teeth, and lips have become. (I call it the kiss of the rosin.). 

I like a nice hefty sized dab so i felt the effects before I was finished mine! Your eyes may feel heavy, or perhaps even the weak knees. 

Even if you don’t get those fast acting effects they may happen later, along with relaxation, sleep and maybe even munchies. Just to name a few. Mentally my depression and anxiety calm down as usual.

  • All in all, Its just that great nighttime concentrate that you take a scoop from when you NEED the nighttime wind down and/or want to spoil yourself a little.


Bubblegum Diesel Dab Tab - Nature's Heritage + Dab Tabs

These will help ANYONE intimidated by concentrates - A Minimal Clean Experience - Thanks Dab Tabs

Natures Heritage + Dab Tabs

THC 132.9 mg
CBG 5.25 mg
CBN 1.8 mg
Caryophylene 1.25 mg
Linalool 1.11 mg
Nerolidol 0.59 mg.

DAB TABS have landed in Maryland and I’m so glad to have tried them

I grabbed a great strain and rushed home to try them out! Bubblegum Diesel had me on a nice head high with no anxiety to be found! This was all from ONE of the .05 g doses!

The top three are listed above BUT, most of the other terps floating around in our MD strains were also found, and ALL at about 0.3 mg. My definition of a great hybrid.

The dab-tabs are little porous ceramic pieces that were dipped in concentrate and then set for packaging. Its not all concentrate like I and lots of others were thinking and I must say, its a great idea in my opinion! 

  • Very chill, not harsh dose on the throat for one. Then its like the easiest cleanup I’ve had in a while! Dab-tabs produce great low-temp vapor for the beginner/low-temp lovers out there!

These Dab-Tabs are a great product even aside from the bomb terps and effects! These will help ANYONE intimidated by concentrates and especially torches, dab dosing, dab rigs, vaporizers, enails, etc. Precise amounts keep you from overdoing it all while STILL pumping out terpy vapor. 

  • Another perk is the $50.00 price mark for the 1g of the tabs. (May vary on location/strains). I would 100% recommend trying these y'all. Even the fellow globsters should throw em in the banger sometime to try this method. Very good! ⛏💎


Starwdawg Hash Rosin - gLeaf Medical

A perfect mixture of terps to throw me into a great uplifting “head type” high

Stardawg Hash Rosin | G-leaf

Caryophylene— 1.67%
Linalool —.67%

G-leaf has done it again, only with HASH ROSIN this time! 

A breeding of chemdawg 4 X tres dawg, stardawg has officially bumped up to one of my favorites due to this specific product. 

A perfect mixture of terps to throw me into a great uplifting “head type” high, all while calming my anxiety too! On top of all of this it helped my inflammation and crohn's enough for me to have a nice munchie session too! That's always enjoyable.

One of my main “negatives” from different strains effects is when I'm just overly tired after, and this stardwag barely had me tired at all. 

  • I'm actually thinking its from work foreal. All in all I have no negatives... (I could maybe name off the price as a negative but I wont because I think being one of the first in MD, this is outstanding!)


Blue 💙🍪 Cookies Hash Rosin - Evermore Cannabis Company

"After getting home and having a dose I was deeply in love"

Blue Cookies Hash Rosin 💙🍪

  • THCa 80%
  • Myrcene-1.27%
  • Limonene-1.289%
  • Linalool-.432%
  • CBGa-1.54%

Hello my friends, and hope everyone is well! I recently hit the local dispensary to browse the strains and BOOM, evermore company dropped Hash Rosin! Blue cookies Hash Rosin at that!

After getting home and having a dose I was deeply in love. Obviously the myrcene was the dominant terp effecting me but it took a while to feel sleep which was a good thing for me. First I tried to walk back inside from the dab and kept forgetting things because my head had so many pleasant effects hitting it all at once, HARD!

After falling asleep I could have slept through a bomb! There was a period before sleep for me where I was on the couch and it felt like the weight of the world was hanging from my eyelids. I loved every minute of it though. 

My mentality immediately snapped back from the depression and anxiety that steadily builds up during my workday without meds. This is the linalool doing work! If you are newer to dabbing I would take it easy on these Hash Rosins due to the intensity of the bigger dabs.i would recommend this to any and everyone yall! 

  • Personally I like it when strains give you all they have at once and this Blue cookies did just that!!


NYC Sister Sugar Wax - Nature's Heritage

It gets me going with a nice dose of terps and THC without being groggy, anxious, paranoid or tired

Nature's Heritage - NYC Sister Sugar Wax

  • THC —-12.8%

Nature's Heritage is most definitely one of the producers that I haven’t tried as much as I think I should have by now. 

When browsing the menu I noticed a weird price I had never seen on half gram jars of meds. 36$ per every .5 g of meds. Not really complaining, just saying for the sake of the story. 

Anyhow I grabbed this NYC Sister sativa strain to try and it had me going back the next day for their other strain of sugar, just off of the taste and melt of it alone!

With Caryophyllene as this jars highest terp it taste kind of bland, if anything sweet'ish afterwards. Caryophyllene has not proven to have any psychoactive “high,” its great for depression and anxiety! This goes for the second most prevalent terp also. Humulene helping with depression and anxiety it will also aid in some issues in the body such as inflammation.

  • NYC sister has definitely opened my eyes to Nature's Heritage. Its been the morning dose for me, and been perfect sativa for it. It gets me going with a nice dose of terps and THC without being groggy, anxious, paranoid or tired. This is a good one in my opinion and would recommend this to everyone.



Cinderella 99 Shatter - Prime ❤️⛏💎 Extracts

"This strain is strong enough to keep you nicely medicated even if its hours that you're out"

Prime Extracts

Cinderella 99 Shatter


Cinderella 99 has been a new strain to me personally since receiving my medical marijuana card, and its already become one of the top strains on my “frequently purchased list.” 

With Cindy 99 being a sativa i like it before leaving the house to do things i need to be productive for! This strain is strong enough to keep you nicely medicated even if its hours that your going to be gone. All the while still feeling productive from the nice refreshing high. 

After doses of some strains i feel munchies and eat too much and this had none of that which was nice, and helped with keeping me productive also. I was thinking clearly also with no anxiety after the dose and focused while doing yard work. 

The only negative i had was the dry eyes i end up with and the lack of any sweet flavor. This may just be me, but his one was very earthy to me. 

  • I would highly recommend this one to any sativa lovers out there! Thank you so much “prime extracts” for putting out great meds that literally keep some of us going!❤️⛏💎 


Mai-Tai 🌿🔥 Review - gLeaf Medical

"Mai-Tai has put me to sleep every dose so far, REAL sleep where you wake up still very medicated"

Well folks, I've finally tried one of the strains of meds with CBD. While there is not a huge amount of CBDfound in this strain, Mai-Tai its still so strong and you notice this directly after entering the room the meds are in due to the musk and killer terps! This strain has definitely been the heavyweight out of the strains i picked up last. Even the unique terp profile had me interested!

This strain of meds has an impressive look to it also. Every time i have looked into the CBD strains they aren’t as pretty as this Mai-Tai is looking. There are still trichomes present like any other strains. (The sole reason that i pulled the trigger on this one.) Mai- Tai has put me to sleep every dose so far and I'm sure will be the same for any other patients. 

REAL sleep where you wake up still very medicated with low eyes. This is most likely from the mycrene coming in at .27%, which is not very high however pinene counters mycrene’s effects some and there is almost no pinene found in this Mai-Tai

The mycrene is in full effect. The only other terpenes coming in over .02 are linalool at .27%and limonene at .74%. This is particularly great for me because limonene AND linalool are active with anti-inflammatory effects for my crohn's disease, (like i mentioned last review). This will come into play for anyone with asthma or other related conditions too, while also lifting my mood and depression immensely. Well, until the sleep comes at least. 

  • So all in all i would 100% recommend these meds to anyone. Mai-Tai will most likely get you some sleep and have you thinking clearly before and after! Great job again g-leaf!


Blue Cookies 🔹🍪 - Evermore Cannabis

"Limonene could be the reason the depression was gone, helping anxiety & other thinking disorders."

🔹Blue Cookies 🍪


This strain has been my first experience with Evermore Cannabis’s meds, and let me tell you its been very enjoyable and effective! Blue Cookies even has CBG which is great. Potentially helping in skin ailments, appetite stimulation, anti- fungal, gastrointestinal problems and MUCH more! Needless to say its a benefit in my opinion.

With a total terpene content of 3.841% it all works well together in my experience. Mycrene of course got my inflammation around my ulcers in check and content. All while that was happening my mind was thinking positively with no depression. 

Limonene could be the reason the depression was gone, helping anxiety and also other thinking disorders. Then there was the intense dry heaviness that hit my eyes almost immediately after my dose (dab) followed by relaxation/ sleepiness that was perfectly fine with me at the time. I also slept great and even still felt medicated the following morning! 

Most of these terpenes have sedative effects so that's to be expected! Personally the strains been great to me. 

  • Evermore cannabis gets a nice big thumbs up on this medication and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone! 


Cherry Pie - Shore Natural RX

"This strain was strictly “night time" meds for me and i cant wait to get more!"

Another great strain out if the Eastern Shore, by Ocean City MD. 

THC 16.98%
Mycrene -.678mg

Shore Natural Rx was one i didn’t use often in the beginning, that changed a while ago because of strains like this. The taste AND smell are on point with Cherry Pie. Doses taste fresh as anything. Very “dank” type smell. The skunk smell that you notice quick,especially the rosin. That dank type smell that fills the room and even non smokers could point out as cannabis.

Cherry Pie is an indica dominant hybrid at 80/20, which is only the first thing I love. These meds have nice sedative effects that are pretty heavy to me. I found myself knowing I was feeling relaxed, but at the same time content to nap right there. and or course stress free. 

This had to be limonene and mycrene working their magic for sure! Another reason I say that is sleeping through the night means Crohn's disease inflammation was at ease. Its still amazing how well cannabis works! Now as far as appetite I wasn’t very hungry from this one, but i think it might be different for others. 

I say this because I was asleep quick every time so it may kick in for someone who can stay awake through the heaviness of the eyelids. 

  • This strain was strictly “night time" meds for me and i cant wait to get more! I would recommend this strain to anyone out there! Kudos to Shore Naturals Rx! 


Rocket 🔥 Fuel - Culta Cannabis

"Very nice uplifting effects swept over me after the normal five or six minutes after my dose..."

Rocket Fuel - @CultaIG

  • THC-27%
  • Mycrene-9.2mg
  • Limonene-5.5mg
  • Caryophyllene-3.9mg
  • Linalool-2.7mg

Sativa lovers, please listen up! Rocket fuel needs to be in your life! Even with Mycrene being the highest terpene, its effects are that of...Well... “rocket fuel.”

Very nice uplifting effects swept over me after the normal five or six minutes after my dose. Lower tolerance patients may want to take it easy on this one, as I’ve had a small amount of anxiety after the larger doses. This rarely happens due to my tolerance so i felt i should put it out there. Rocket fuel’s mycrene most definitely made its presence known at 9.2 mg, when i had an appetite it was obvious. 

Only when inflammation from Crohns is down will i have an appetite. On top of that is caryophyllene at 3.9 mg and limonene at 5.5mg. Both helping with anxiety and depression( which i personally feel regularly). Caryophyllene will lift your mood all together alone. Rocket fuel is for sure great head meds. Only some MIGHT think its intense. Id say most will like it,the slight head rush with the strong impact of the terpenes your head is clear and thinking efficiently. 

Inflammation will be aided too. perhaps in joints, muscles or even just in the inner body parts like me! 

  • Realistically I would just recommend smaller doses due to the strength! Great sativa meds that ill have to pick up again and will keep recommending. 


Skywalker OG - HMS Health

"With 22% THC this Skywalker OG is a great pick in my experience!"

Another heavy strain of medicine here, Skywalker OG is a great one coming from H.M.S. This strain was frosty as a sugar cookie in the container. After opening the container you know you’ve got something great!

With 22% THC this Skywalker OG is a great pick in my experience! Coming in as the highest level terpene is Myrcene of course, at .959%. I usually look for the myrcene first when grabbing my meds, if you haven’t already notice this in my reviews. 

This is due to my Crohn’s disease and Myrcenes anti inflammation traits. Second most prelevant terpene is ocimene coming in at .054%, also great for inflammation. It's said that this terp burns at very low temps though, so pressing this strain may change this terps %. Every other terpene in this strain is about the same low% this time. 

This isn't a bad thing though because this strain really gets you feeling well.

I was eating larger meals then normal without having pain or feeling sleepy after only a small dose of the meds. Skywalker OG also had my eyes feeling heavy and were red and had a hybrid type effect. Not too indica or sativa leaning head effect. 

  • For me i loved the fresh planty cannabis taste, on top of all the rest of this strains benefits! I would highly recommend this strain to anyone. Just know its going to be smelling strong wherever you have your meds!


Gobbilygoo Crystals - Culta Cannabis

"I felt relaxed from stress and those anxious and depressed feelings I have sometimes..."

  • 94.7% THCa
  • 1.41% Terpenes

Culta Cannabis strikes again. Super good meds here. With the Terpenes of an indica strain this ones great for after work unwinding, or even just when u need a REST FILLED day! In my experience relaxation and rest was 100% the results of my doses from the powerhouse’s thca percentage and gassy doses.

Let me tell you about the terpene lineup this strain has accompanying all of that thc! Mycrene is coming in at .67% which tells you its good for sleep right off the bat, and as always inflammation for ppl such as crohns disease patients like me. Linalool is coming in as the second highest terpene at .31% which was great for me. 

I felt relaxed from stress and those anxious and depressed feelings i have sometimes. I just had a dose and bam, relief! I recently read that it can even reduce damage your body can take when you ARE in-fact stressed. On top of this all star duo I’ve just reported there is even a little bit of caryophyllene, at .16% its helping the indica effects also. 

Mainly the same effects as the others terps except caryophyllene has been proven beneficial for a few serious diseases, like cancer just to name one.

  • I knew this was great meds when i was choosing it and i cannot wait to get more and see what the geniuses at Culta Cannabis keep pumping out! I would highly recommend these meds, and want to say one more time these meds are heavy gas!


Gelato Shatter - Verano Brands

"Its a HEAVY strain for sure and I'd like to tell you about my experience..."

Thca 81.8%

Total terps 2.57%


-humulene .42%

-mycrene .26%

-linalool .27%

This weekend I grabbed some Gelato shatter from Verano brands. This made it the second scoop in a row that I have grabbed some of this medicine. Its a HEAVY strain for sure and id like to tell you about my experience taking dosing in it the past couple days.

First off its got the average Mycrene that we all know and love, coming in .26%. I love anything with Mycrene, since I find these strains helping with sleep and inflammation.I noticed that I didn’t have any anxiety after the dose like some other concentrates will cause. 

I would have to say its the high caryophyllene at 1.24% helping with that. I've read that this terpene can do great for depression AND anxiety, Just to name a couple of caryophyllenes benefits. Also helping with sedation is Linalool, coming in at .27% Linalool is a painkiller and still helps with thinking illness like most of the terpenes in this strain of meds. 

Finishing up i need to say that Including all of the other lower leveled terps in this strain has it comes in with 2.57% total terpenes. Verano brands has made serious meds that really got me relaxed and ready to rest, while still thinking normally. 

  • I could take a large nighttime dose for sedation and not have to worry about anxiety creeping in! I would recommend this strain to anyone. I might even grab it a third time in a row! ⛏💎


Golden Strawberry Wax - FGM

"Every exhale brought with it an almost jolly rancher sweetness that faded to an earthy taste after"

  • Golden Strawberry Wax
  • SOMD relief
  • Product of F.G.M

FGM is a brand new company in Maryland at the moment and I would say I have to give them props so far. As this is the first product of theirs I have tried, 

I’m impressed! Packaging was average, the only thing different was that it said there were three solvents used. The three listed were butane, propane, and ethanol, but it might just list potential things found in it like an allergy label to food. This is a great product in MY opinion.

This Sativa has a very pungent smell and even better taste! Every exhale of a dose brought with it an almost jolly rancher sweetness that faded to an earthy taste after. Just that is something great in its own, and then the effects burst out. 

The terps “drive” the 84% THC into a laser clear energy and focus. This is very strong meds with linalool at .56%, humulene at .40%,and eudesmol and nerolidol at .31% and finally the mycrene we all love at 1.03%. These listed terpenes benefit ppl dealing with cancer cells, tumorous cells, depression, anxiety, inflammation and delivers energy like i previously stated. 

  • Golden strawberry concentrate from FGM gets an A+ rating from me, and i would recommend to anyone. I would like to close by saying i was thinking a million mph for a few minutes after the bigger doses. Even though it could benefit anxiety, that is what i was feeling briefly. ⛏💎


East Coast Sour Diesel - Grassroots Cannabis

"Well, this concentrate gives you the great “lifting effect”..."

East Coast Sour Diesel

The Details...

  • THC- 85.40
  • Caryophylene-1.63%
  • Humulene- .57%
  • Mycrene-.52%
  • Limonene-.62%

Grassroots cannabis has killed it with their East Coast Sour Diesel. This sativa budder was such a treat, smelled great and tastes better! When you open this container you know you’ve made a good choice!

The terps in this are pretty average but ill tell you they work together great in this sativa strain. The terps are coming in at 1.63 caryophylene, .57% humulene, .52% mycrene and then .62% limonene. 

Limonene alone helps other terps do their job for one and at the same time can lift your mood and energy. Then the caryophylene and humulene lift your mood and help anxiety and depression as well. This is great because many that I’ve spoken with say the sativas sometimes cause anxiety, especially the concentrates. 

Well, this concentrate gives you the great “lifting effect”, while knowing that your head will be at ease! There are other benefits for me and my stomach health since there are lots of terps for inflammation in this strain also. 

  • All in all this is a great balance in my personal opinion and gets you ready for whatever plans you may have. In conclusion i would recommend to anyone anytime! Thanks so much Grassroots. ⛏💎


Durban Poison Sugar - Grassroots Cannabis

Fellow Connoisseurs, Grassroots Cannabis has done it again!

This Durban Poison sugar is on point for the morning/daytime sativa meds! The terps flood your tastebuds like a tsunami, then just lift your mental state immediately. It was obvious right when the meds kicked in on this one due to its strength. 

There is no question in my opinion that anyone will be on the “sativa train” for hrs from a dose of this purebred sativa. I would even say I’ve even had less coffee without even noticing until now, from thinking about it writing this.

Moving on this Durban poison has 87% THC and even 2.40% CBG which had me excited also. Although most other strains have less then 1% CBG, its a cannabinoid with loads of potential. 

Found to help all kinds of disease involving peoples’ eyes, bladder and even the digestive track diseases were helped in a great percentage of cases! I enjoyed learning about the direct connection with CBG and the inflammatory diseases the most though due to my Crohns Disease.

Now on top of all of that this Durban Poison has a nice group of terpenes coming in your doses too! Terpinolene is at .94%, pinene is pushing .99% and caryophylene is at .62% just to name a few of the higher levels. 

  • There is no mistaking the HEAVY pinene in every dose from the taste. Then directly following that, i felt extremely content from the caryophylene. Overall that is exactly what i enjoy in my morning dose, so needless to say i love this Durban poison. Thank you Grassroots! I would recommend this medicine to anyone!⛏💎