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Highly Recommended Connoisseur Flowers

Diesel Dough Culta Cannabis

Diesel Dough - 30% Total Cannabinoids

Blue and Cream - 31% Total Cannabinoids

Blue and Cream - 31% Total Cannabinoids


Blue and Cream Liberty Cannabis & Holistic Industries

Blue and Cream - 31% Total Cannabinoids

Blue and Cream - 31% Total Cannabinoids

Blue and Cream - 31% Total Cannabinoids


Pink Lemonade Cannabis Evermore

Pink Lemonade - 26% Total Cannabinoids

Chernobyl (Fire) - 30% Total Cannabinoids

Chernobyl (Fire) - 30% Total Cannabinoids


Chernobyl Cannabis Sunmed Growers

Chernobyl (Fire) - 30% Total Cannabinoids

Chernobyl (Fire) - 30% Total Cannabinoids

Chernobyl (Fire) - 30% Total Cannabinoids



Vortex - Harvest House Of Cannabis

"From the first inhale of this beautiful dense vapor, I'm hit..."

Hey hey from Big J! Hope y'all are well... this was a super fun smoke. I bought 2 more 1/8ths after i smoked the 1st one! Enjoy: 

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! The yellow shiny display such a wonderful fat nug, that screams smoke me! The enjoyment comes on fast, as all my fantastic overly fun friends are back in town for the season. Morning comes and I follow the fun cannabis path to gold covered leaves that are brightening up my day. Our community is showing wonderful signs of giving, dedication to college's/friend's, and aways special medical flower hits the door!

  • Strain: Vortex
  • Grower: Harvest
  • THCa: 21.11
  • Tools: Pax3, 10x loope, and music

Dazzling my eye's with wicked white crystal kief covered tips, this freshly harvested bud, under the 10x loope, displays a medium rich warm grassy emerald green color. Wacky looking fluffy nugs, slingshot a blaze of reddish orange dancing hairs towards the yellow sky. Then, I find out that this hard sativa leaning flower bears all kind of medicinal use and holds #1 ranking in '2010 Hightimes Medicinal Cup'. schools me on the parents, this Apollo 13 x Space Queen combo comes out bold and swing'n with an offspring that's spirals me up and down! 

The Vortex tornados crazy aromas within my nose and sends all the senses uncontrollably into a spicy sweet crisp dankness. Once the buds are crushed, the heaviness of the b-caryophyllene helps squeeze this citrus sweet tea thick funk bouncing into my space. The sticky bud loads easily into the pax3 and session time is here!

Jumping down the zippy funnel of euphoria, I'm left standing in place with an electrified dreamy sensations of fun times! 

From the first inhale of this beautiful dense vapor, I'm hit with an incredible amount of creative focus, that draws up all kinds of silly giggles to the entire body! As the Vortex spins me around, my mind goes escaping through a door of lingering friendly conversations that make sense to me and me only.  The Vortex's receptor relaxing terpenes, adds an uplifting calmness to my intense laced brain, that stays turned on for hours.  As I get deep into the session, pleasure from within falls off, my eyes focus on nothing but clarity, and all wacky pain from the brain goes out the door without any hesitation!

Stair stepping over the crazy brain, bring uplifting funness to the body, and destroying my darkness completely sums up this Vortex batch. The little Harvest yellow bags delivered once again!

  • Peace and smoke up y'all! - Big J


LA Hashplant - Grassroots Cannabis

"My brain goes into a lovely calming tranquil euphoric state..."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! Hope all are keeping safe and hang'n on the other side with one's who care! 

In Maryland, I find we are all Connoisseurs in our own right with respect to medical cannabis. The greatest part of chatting it up with good medical cannabis friends, is the 'remember when's?'. Remember the heavy non out of control feel of properly cured Hashish, and the Oh wow excitement of pure colorless opaque smoke dancing off the glassy chillum? The answer is clearly yes! The great people @Grassroots_MD have grown such a plant who's seed's were silent but now bring all of those deep memories out in the finest properties using #LAHashplant! 

  • Strain: LA Hashplant
  • THCa: 24.80/25.50 two batches
  • Grower: Grassroots_MD 
  • Tools: 10x loope, fire, glass chillum, pax3, and the wacky brain 

Falling head first into this wonderful cured big bud, brings excitement and relief. The 10x loope shows off this buds remarkable looking limey dark green foliage that bleeds pure into crazy rosined up tips which are covered in sugary trichomes! 

Once the jar is popped off and the bud is ground, all kinds of fun familiar pungent peppery spiced stankness completely distorts the room's aroma!  While packing the glass chillum, the funny tasty terps release such a kushy sour sweet flavor that is completely invigorating with a fo'dunky hash stench that slowly sinks me into peaceful delirium, and now I'm ready!

My brain goes into a lovely calming tranquil euphoric state while Mother Nature's Indica magic sits me down into a river of pillows. Finding out quickly while in session, enjoying a conversation and staying put is the best idea with #LAhashplant! Taking me down the rediclous zig zagging river of incredible body relaxation, my spastic muscles release for hours. Racing thoughts are completely calmed, allowing for a major moment of creative clarity, all while time skipping me through articulated conversations that last into the night.  As the darkness is lifted, the grin from ear to ear sends me into body relaxation with an overwhelmingly sense of twisted refreshness! 

These two batchs of #LAHashplant surprisingly sent me wondering down the cannabis story land, fully jolted the frontal lobe, and lifted up my relaxing peacful forgotten memories. This confirmed hybrid indica leaning flower from 2 old school parents, La Kush x Puck Hashplant, powers down my body and flash starts my eyes into the world.

  • Peace and smoke up y'all! - Big J


East Coast Sour Diesel - Take Five: Grassroots

"The warm river of happiness brought on by ECSD, flings me..."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! Spring time is in the air and medical cannabis is coming in locked and loaded pre-rolls for Big J. Picking up some famous dankness @Curio_timonium, thanks to Master Yoda's nose, the East Coast Sour Diesel in a #takefive pack by @Grassroots_MD is served up. Check out the 3 stand out terps in this historical phenotype, a fun Soured out ride will soon be had!

  • Strain: East Coast Sour Diesel 
  • Grower: Grassroots
  • THCa: 23%
  • Tools: Pax3, PRJs, Fire, and of course music 

Jumping head first into an always pleasurable session, I learn quickly the definition of '#livedeeply', while checking out Mother Natures deep intense red color up against this super PJR. Just check out that lady bug! As expected, confirms all of my energetic Sativa feelings around ECSD. The fat over loaded Grassroots PRJ's come in @ .6grs each, and always over fills the Pax3.

A pleasurable sweet woody stankness pulls me into the Grassroots Take Five 1980s style herb box, all while sending me on a discovery trip through different open doors of varying undiscoverable funikiness of flavors. The wonderfully electrifying heavy pungent diesel aromas, hit the nose with what I fully expected, smooth silky beautiful limonene chemical overtones.

The warm river of happiness brought on by ECSD, flings me into a musical induced coma that allows for lucid coherence without fuzziness. As euphoria surges, my Soured out 2 ton eye's fall through the floor of intense clarity and all details hit the brain miraculously fast! Delightful pain relief allows for chaty conversations and a fresh get up and go feeling!

This PRJ batch of ECSD surprised me into a saturated wanckyness of colors and joyfully rang each one of this Deadhead's brain cells. 

  • Peace and smoke up y'all! - Big J 


GG4 x Stardawg #11 - Harvest

"Watch-out euphoric dreamland totally rocks the frontal lobe of my mushy melon..."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! 

Here  go bouncing into the end of winter and opening my door to yellow treasures of fresh Big Spongy buds from Harevst! This fine nugget comes to me without a 'Real' name... GG4 x Stardawg #11? This will currently be know as #15 by Big J!

Jumping out of this fresh bag of overly weighed buds, come 2 large properly cured and matured, early spring time butter-cup style nugs. Under the 10x loope, I see unbelievable bright luminous spheroid sugary trichome nodes, that dance past my eyes, and increase the color intensity of the saturated amber grapy purple rosin tipped foliage.

  • Strain: GG4 x Stardawg#11
  • Grower: @Harvest
  • THCa: 22.33%
  • Tools: time, pax3, and me!

While grinding this fluffy bud, its amazing gassy funk hits my senses with a wet'n wild sweet orange chemically stank. A tangy roller coaster of danky flavors pour out of the pax3 with a massive smooth thick vapor that quickly overwhelms the room with smells of funness!  I 100% agree with .COM'er people out there, this Sativa lean wacky colored bud is one to really enjoy during the day... and all day!

Sliding into a focused rabbit hole of wonderful up-ticking mood excitement, a watch-out euphoric dreamland totally rocks the frontal lobe of my mushy melon. As the stress less pain jumps out of the body, all the yummy meds drip down and directly destroy my muscle pain! Even at 22.33% THCa, i had to watch out for the silly fogginess that lays heavy within this spongy flower.

I'm not sure what hit me the quickest, the beast or the brightness on this fire flower. For the robust euphoria that brings on an elegant feel of mind blowing funny times, I'm calling flower #15 'Gorilla Star'!

  • Peace and smoke up y'all! - Big J

Mimosa Cannabis - ForwardGro

Mimosa - ForwardGro

"All I can say is funland hits the brain when walking into a room filled with Medical Cannabis."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day!  The fantasticly fun people @Forwardgro opened the door to Big J and all my craziness! 

The rain is dropping on the windshield, and the wipers are making the music beat longer, as my feet keep tapping louder. There's an out of place gate on this long winding country road in the middle of nowhere's land.  Big J came high step'n into a beautiful plot of land, that's home to sophisticated Greenhouses and hard working employees. The building's are beyond description, as my eyes float over an amusement park of cannabis.

  • Grower: Forwardgro
  • Strain: Mimosa
  • THCa: 27.8
  • Tools: Car, 10x loope, brain, on site visit, and of course Pax3

Smacking me with pleasure, these almost mature nuggets melt from intense yellowish deep green into such a rich purple color, that looking away is impossible! All their mushroom capped trichomes are display very proudly, and excitement comes on strong while gazing at the fresh mature buds under the 10x loope.

All I can say is funland hits the brain when walking into a room filled with Medical Cannabis. In the presence of these flowers, they where releasing sweet stanky goodness that I've come to truly love. As i found myself floating through a massive field of Mimosa, the citrus candy purple smelling terpenes distort my brain! The Forwardgro team tells me that Clemtine x Purple Punch are the parents of this uplifting herbal danky sativa lean strain. 

This batch of Mimosa's vapor slings me floating pasted unforgettable sense of pain relief, and quickly throws me into the crazy warm worm hole of truly bright sparkling creativity! The ridiculous speedy on set from the first intake of this tight nug lifts me up into a fun happy here comes spring feeling! 

The @Forwardgro team to me, is currently producing fine Medical Cannabis, and from the looks of it there's a lot more exotic flowers coming from those wacky rooms!

  • Smoke up and peace y'all! - Big J!


"STAY SAFE during these trying times with our cannabis delivery service - avoid the waiting room and lines with a safe secure and 'socially distant' delivery service"


Guice - Sunmed Growers

Did anyone open up a 'Country Time Lemonade' jar?

March 2018 is the first time I experienced the fresh looking wackiness of Guice. Sunmed's and Curio both grow this glorious flower in Maryland. This time, I'm vaporizing Sunmed's current batch with overwhelming total terps!

All I can say about these over sized yummy and impressively sugar filled buds, is holy wow this is going to be fun! The colors on this beautiful nug bleed from green into a welcoming light rich amber dark brown throughout the foliage. tells me Guice is a hybrid flower that's parents are GG4 x Orange Valley OG, Glue?!

  • Strain: Guice
  • Grower: Sunmeds
  • THCa: 27.1 
  • Terps: 3.45 total
  • Tools: 10x loope, fingers, and of course pax3 and my volcano

Did anyone open up a 'Country Time Lemonade' jar?! Sunmed's really brought out the citrusy sweet flavors of Guice this time! The pungent almost shunky aroma is so strong my eyes water with happiness. These 3.45% terps come popping from the jar, into nose, and without any hesitation the body is ready for the green light on the pax3.  With wack'adoodle terps like this, I chose low temp vaping and extra time to savior all the fine meds. 

Always a heavy terpy rich flower, Guice slings my darkest into the winter rain, passing me so slowly into a joyful quietness of creativity, all while my brain receives a mental cannabis massage. The always enjoyable terpinolene, rails me into a numbing body bath of a I don't care mind giggling forgetfulness, that is truly enjoyable!

Jumping on the Guice train comes easy with this sticky sparkling flower. For me, Guice is truly a medicinal strain that kills mind/body pain and leads me deep into a half baked eyes of the world, that cleanse my darkness away with ease. 

  • Peace and smoke up y'all - Big J


Texas Shoreline Flower Review - Grassroots Cannabis

"A sweet funky hard hitting pungent familiar skunky aroma spikes my nose..."

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day!  

While discussing cannabis with friends, it always seems goes down the crazy strain talk. Looks like Grassroots has produced an impossible crazy strain to find. Having it confirmed by the grower, this is a "True seed to Sow of #TexasShoreline". I've been informed that these seeds were acquired and are very rear to find... that's all I needed to hear to bring on a smile smile smile!  

  • Grower: Grassroots 
  • Strain: Texas Shoreline
  • THCa: 26.8%
  • Tools: All of them!

Floating in front of my eye's under the 10x loope, the nug displays an almost impossible orangey amber color that fades into a heavily deep lime green foliage. This bud throws me past excitement, with its unbelievable sugary trichomes, wacky fluffiness to the touch, and it's the size of the Texas Shoreline... bring on the grinder! 

A sweet funky hard hitting pungent familiar skunky aroma spikes my nose, this must be the myrcene and limonene in this batch, here comes sunshine! Once this beautiful bud is ground, a powerful stankyness distorts my brain's senses. This is one outrageously fun creative sativa leaning bud that's flavor's are river smooth and feather light. 

As the stress relaxing smoke hits my body, inhibition drops uncontrollably down the shoreline and a strong controllable trippy dreamy like euphoria comes on fast furious. Texas Shoreline brings me quickly to the visual other side, while a forgetful stress free time clips slowly into the rabbit hole of joy! Since the music never stops with this bud, a very talkative pleasant experience is truly enjoyed for hours.

Texas Shoreline for us #deadheads is an almost never find, but @grassroots_md has grown the impossible find for Big J smoke of the day! 

  • Peace and smoke up y'all! - Big J


Blue and Cream - Liberty Cannabis

"As heard through the audio-prism of Digable Planet's classic 90s album Blowout Comb..."

This is the third batch of Blue and Cream in the last two weeks, which is to say I really like this strain of Maryland goodness from Liberty Cannabis and Holistic Industries.

The effects come on pretty quickly and in abundance, hard hitting  and lingers for awhile... Sedative Euphoria is what I would call this Blue and Cream, although the Indica features are pronounced there is enough heady euphoric energy to feel well rounded - Body & Mind with this one like the yin and yang perfectly coiled up against each other.

  • These effects are produced from the 28% total cannabinoids and nearly 2% terpenes of which B Myrcene 0.68% D Limonene 0.69% and B Caryophellene 0.37% being TOP TERPS, combine for one pretty wonderful entourage effect -Sedative Euphoria, see below.

This is some of the finest evening medicine this Connoisseur has had in some time, the best comparison I can make is with Evermore Cannabis Co MD famous - Blue Cookies, those of you in the know will know what I mean.

The sedative body waves roll in after about 20 - 30 mins and the rest of the evening is mellow mania, as heard through the audio-prism of Digable Planet's classic 90s album Blowout Comb which is an appropriate vibe and headspace to enjoy this super fine product.

These little nuggets of purple, green and lime joy are available all throughout MD @ Dispensaries right now for a bargain $60 a quarter @ Health For Life White Marsh and $75 a quarter for a slightly higher THC batch (31%) @ Your Farmacy in Lutherville either batch will do you well and I didn't really notice a difference in appearance between the two.

  • Enjoy Liberty Cannabis Co's Blue and Cream with a Bud and some Music Below.

Lemon Meringue Sunmed Growers

Lemon Meringue - SunMed Growers

"Not quite whistle while you work, but smile for awhile... "

Medicine From The Sun - Lemon Meringue has a very sunny disposition and treats anxiety and mild melancholy with a Sativa Smile 

  • LEMON MERINGUE - Zesty Lemony Treat from SunMed Growers UPDATED BATCH INFO

The Science - 22% total cannabinoids and 2.37% terps with B Caryophelene 0.64% and B Myrcene 0.49% being there top two

  • Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream Effects - Lemon Meringue goes straight to the head giving one a very nice jolt of creative euphoric energy, this is a great batch for working and getting things done, not quite whistle while you work, but smile for awhile... the effects come on quickly and linger.

The aroma profile is zesty fresh lemons with a dollop of vanilla creme, which is to say very nice and dreamy... the sweet kind.

Pleasant Vibe - The heady euphoric effects are indeed sunshine for the mind and eventually body as the high dips into a nice fuzzy blissful state after the two hour mark, I would suggest morning and early evening use, but you know... to each their own, the effects might express differently for you, in a phrase... Active Creative High, Body Kind with Flavor.

  • Kudos SunMed on another Connoisseur batch

Chernobyl Cannabis SunMed Growers

Chernobyl - SunMed Growers

Chernobyl is an explosive sativa dominant Connoisseur strain with a 20-80 indica/sativa ratio.... which is to say this is very heady with a huge side of euphoric bliss.

Trainwreck and Trinity provided the genetic material, which is then pollinated with Jack the Ripper (another lovely strain all by itself... Sigh) Colors abound with light green and hazy purple being the top two, the frosty nugs will impress even the most hardcore Connoisseur.

  • This batch testing in @ 29% Total Cannabinoids and 2.3% Terpenes for One Wonderful Entourage Effect


Chernobyl has a potent gas smell to it with lime and citrus undertones making it a funky aromatic strain, but how about that flavor? it is exquisite. It has a smooth deep taste that resembles its smell. Upon exhale you'll feel the expanding smoke exit the lungs with some spicy overtones... Color me impressed.


The high is hard hitting and it def lingers awhile... I have found this potent medicine will keep on chugging for hours and hours, good for your hard earned dollars.

The experience - euphoria with a nice jolt of energetic headiness. The high will wash away any anxiety or stress is highly recommended for day time use. 


Smoking the strain has also shown to increase appetite which is perfect for individuals suffering anorexia or wasting syndrome. Chernobyl is also known to benefit patients with migraines or headaches... I can personally attest to this.


Diesel Dough - Culta Cannabis

"This strain reminds me of Jack or Cindy 99..."

Greetings and good morning fellow connoisseurs... As promised here's the goods on Culta's premium batches. First off the packaging was different... Glass which is a very classy presentation.

Then the next thing you notice is the aroma... Very intense and pungent, this is a very piney earthy terp profile, then the next thing you notice is the superb bag appeal of this strain as you can plainly see Culta's got it going on in this dept.

Then there's the effects... Immediate euphoria in that awesome sativa dom way that's delivered very heady... Gets the creative juices flowing, balanced with the high Myrcene level... Great rush of thoughts and ideas sans the anxiety of some strong sativa strains, a very narrow needle Culta successfully threaded with this one. And I should add goes great with coffee and wake and bake people.

This strain reminds me of Jack or Cindy 99.. Very hazy and energetic... Strain for day time use when you need energy and out of the box thinking.. Kudos Culta.

THC and THCa 29.1%
A-pinene 0.08%
B-pinene 0.11%
B-caryophyllene 0.37%
B-Myrcene 1%
Linalool 0.41%
Limonene 0.71%

VERY TERPY - Great Nose

  • Very heady euphoric with some nice body effects... Mostly though this is a creative day time strain that will energize and keep you going.


Pink Lemonade - Evermore Cannabis

The Pink Lemonade high is just as amazing as its flavor, with Cerebral uplifting effects... Enjoy

Well Balanced Pain Relief - Pink Lemonade  Evermore and The Maryland Connoisseur Magazine

The aroma on this batch is pretty intense, anyone within like 10 feet of you is going to know what's up

This new batch from @evermorebrands is testing @ 28.78% total cannabinoids and 2.1% terpenes with B Pinene 0.124% B Myrcene 0.385 and B Caryophelene 0.344% being the top three terps.

All in all a very pleasant experience that will whisk you away for awhile into some very nice heady euphoric bliss where the music sounds cool and the pain relief flows... Body and Mind 

Genetics + Background

Pink Lemonade is an indica dominant hybrid strain, that crosses Strawberry Fields x Sunset Sherbert.

Pink Lemonade is one very tasty bud that’s a big hit with indica lovers,it has a flavor that is as its name suggests – sweet cotton candy delights with a hint of gas

The Pink Lemonade Experience

The Pink Lemonade HIGH is as amazing as the intense nose, with some uplifting effects that has no cerebral limit... You'll have to wait a moment as the creep on this batch is noticeable, but when it hits, it hits big... just like the flavor profile

  • Pink Lemonade buds have bright light minty green spade-shaped nugs with bright orange hairs + a thick blanket of frosty golden amber crystal trichomes... We @ MC give this strain and particular batch two BIG thumbs UP! 👍👍


Purple Obeah - Evermore Cannabis

"Very very purple dank grapes smell waft up from the container..."

Aromatherapy with Purple Obeah and Evermore

The smell is simply amazing on this sample from Evermore Brands Very very purple dank grapes smell waft up from the container and let's you know this strain means some serious business... Pain Relief with a capital P.

Tests @ 15.5% THC but don't let that lull you into thinking this is a lightweight... On the contrary this strain and it's well developed terp  profile satisfies even this high tolerance Connoisseur CBG and CBGA, B Myrcene are well represented.

The medium-mellow powered effects trail off after about an hour or so... so be prepared to top up, I have found this is a GREAT strain to add a dab of concentrate, the heavy terp profile only adds to the extra raw THC pleasure.

Enjoy It fellow Connoisseurs...

  • "Tangie x Cherry Pie Notes of musky cherry & tropical flavors. Deep physcial relaxation, mental stonieness. "