Inessa Mosyak and the CBD Revolution

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Greetings Fellow Connoisseurs, we are chatting with Inessa Mosyak the owner and operator of two local CBD stores “CBD Plus USA Maryland” in Laurel and Cockeysville. As you all know there has been a revolution in healthy living in the last several years with the growing popularity of CBD products, which promise everything from blemish free skin to treatment for our pets. 

The CBD Revolution is now hitting Maryland and to help us sort out the fact from fiction while informing MC readers about the CBD Revolution’s other less well-known component - Woman ownership and leadership in this sphere. “Cannabis Feminism” is well known at this point and it seems we are seeing something similar develop with the CBD Industry and that is a very good thing.

So without further adieu - Here is Inessa Mosyak.

INESSA - Hello everyone. My name is Inessa. I am a mom of three wonderful kids, 17-year-old twins, and my younger son who’s 9. My husband, Igor, and I and our children currently reside in Ellicott City in Howard County MD.

MC - how did it all begin for you, your journey in healthy living how were you led to CBD initially then how did that grow into CBD franchise store ownership?

INESSA - Balancing being a full-time mom to three kids, managing a household, and a career can often take a toll on my health, both physically and mentally. There are only so many hours in a day, and often tasks are left unaccomplished, leading to significant stress and poor night’s sleep, whether it be because of a work deadline or something else. 

My search for a natural remedy sparked my interest in CBD. A desire for an alternative to prescription drugs with crippling side effects was what I was looking for and found with CBD. For years I have suffered from back pain, restless leg syndrome, and stress induced migraines, and I finally feel like I have found a solution. From muscle rub to tinctures, CBD is the way to go! In terms of growing into CBD Store ownership, I have a nursing degree from my home country, and I felt that owning a CBD is a perfect opportunity to be able to merge my love my entrepreneurship and desire to help people.

MC - I bet there are many many challenges of not only owning a CBD store, but specifically being a woman in today's world -  owning and running a retail CBD operation?

INESSA - The days of the man of the house supporting the whole family and housewives are over. In today’s world women are here to multi-task, which is becoming the challenging new norm. Just like myself, many women are becoming accustomed to running businesses as entrepreneurs, multiple jobs, children, and a household. 

MC - Being that your stores are locally owned and operated, it makes sense for you guys to stock up on local companies CBD and Healthy Living products so your customers can have the widest selection possible of high-quality national brand CBD -and- locally sourced + vetted products 

INESSA - All CBD Plus USA, Colorado Cures and hemp products we sell are produced and tested in Oklahoma, the company's headquarters by third party labs. Lab results are available at both of our locations upon request. We are firm believers in selling products that we ourselves are happy with.

MC - There were recent reports about fake and unregulated CBD products in Towson recently in the local online paper “The Patch”, something like this really makes the case for shopping at a “Real CBD” Store like yours and with the horrible stories of unregulated Vapes leading to injury in the news recently, tell our readers why they should be assured of the products in CBD Plus USA MD.

INESSA - CBD Plus USA is completely transparent with all their customers. Our products are sourced, grown ethically, and come from a reliable source. Lab results and procedures are available for our products at our locations. Our wellness consultants are highly educated and are more than willing to help customers find exactly what is right for them.

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