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Chosen Glass

"I Started using cannabis a long time ago for severe anxiety attacks, PTSD, and pain after being stabbed in 2014. Started writing reviews for myself to document how strains effect me and then realized others benefit as well and am always down to help. Love affair with glass began with collecting and finding bliss the first time I got behind the torch. 

I love all forms of art glass is just my favorite. Cannabis has literally saved my life and made it worth living. I feel like anything I can do to contribute to the movement and make it so other people can have access to this medicine Is owed at this point. "


Lambsbread Sugar and Sauce - OG Clear

I'm not like hazy or sleepy I'm just content if that makes sense. I feel amazing

Where to start.... first off OG clear has improved remarkably in their latest releases. flavor and smell on this is incredible. It's not so strong that it fills the room but it's a very pleasant fruity gassy smell. It has a very sweet flavor to it. 

Taste lingers in your mouth and that's not a bad thing. The sugar absorbed all the sauce making each dab full of flavor. It's not all soft sugar there are actually some small diamonds and solidity to it. Where some is kind of like wet snow or sugar. It did give me some anxiety. Not surprised though it definitely has sativa properties. But after the anxiety passed it was great. Its productive and I'm not slumped but I do feel the myrcene and terpinolene relaxing my whole body and mind it's very calming. 

I'm not like hazy or sleepy I'm just content if that makes sense. I feel amazing. My minds not racing but I'm also not zoned it's very functional. Munchies were definitely needed on this one great appetite stimulant for me. I highly recommend sauces and live resins. Not just diamonds we want the whole spectrum. And it seems like in most of them myrcene and terpinolene are always very rich. 

I'm surprised I actually felt the energy from this with those high levels of myrcene and terpinolene. Its everything you could possibly want to get from the plant in a nifty little package. I agree that the cost of it can be overwhelming and I know I cant always afford it but it's well worth it for relief. Also from what I understand OG clear now has access to whole plant and buds as well not just trim run. 

Only thing that is trim is the shore naturals batches but they are hand trimmed and always come out great. The grow west is actually untrimmed flower. I'm not a hundred percent if this is live whole plant fresh frozen or just nug run. The smell isn't as strong as a lot of live that I've had in the past. So I'm not a hundred percent on that. It still smells great though and the flavor and effects are amazing. Melts clean as well. 

  • I definitely recommend giving this a try. Very impressed with the latest scoops. 


Jelly Breath Badder - gLeaf Medical

The way this stuff looked in the pictures I just couldn't pass it up when I saw it was on sale

  • Tests 85.7% THCa and .7% THC. 1.2% CBG. 

  • Top 3 terpenes are limonene at 1.55%, Caryophyllene at 1.15% and humulene at .5% 

This stuff is amazing! 

gLeaf concentrate team has really impressed me lately. I could smell it before I even opened the lid. Usually I try to stay away from limonene but hammerhead was high limonene and worked very well. Plus the way this stuff looked in the pictures I just couldn't pass it up when I saw it was on sale. 

Not to mention it was a nice fat gram. Looks amazing like they literally cut a slice of budder lol. This is definitely on the sativa side very happy uplifting. 

You're not just stuck on the couch it's very productive. I didn't have much anxiety really. But to be fair I'm also smoking on some pineapple skunk live that's really high in Terpinolene and myrcene so it's probably balancing out the limonene in the badder to an extent. 

Everyone is different though just because I'm not anxious doesn't mean other people wont be. It's hard to honestly pin point what relieves anxiety in cannabis and what causes it. High CBD doesn't do anything for me. And I feel like 1:1 is ok but I feel the most relief with high THC still. Could be a tolerance thing. But yeah I might get anxious for the first 15 min but after that i feel better than ever. 

  • So personally I just deal with the 15-30 min of anxiety and then enjoy the 3-4 hours of relief. And not all causes me anxiety. Either way This stuff seems very clean and smooth. Not harsh at all. Highly recommend trying this.


Hammerhead Shatter - OG Clear

Pretty nice flavor. Kind of fruity lemon tones. It seems nice and clean to me.

Tests 75.88% thca and 1.64% thc also has 1.34% cbg. 

Top 3 terpenes are limonene at 1.13%, myrcene at 1.07%, and linalool at .51%. 

I was a little worried about this one with the high limonene. To my surprise though I actually really enjoyed this one. Not too much anxiety actually quite clear headed. 

Pretty nice flavor. Kind of fruity lemon tones. It seems nice and clean to me. Good happy uplifting vibes. Only thing I didn't like about this one was that it came in like a plastic or cheap glass jar. Not sure what that was about but not very smart packaging choice. 

  • Other than that though I really liked it. 


Buckeye Purple Squared Shatter - OG Clear

Had me moving slowmo for awhile in some cases lol. Finding beauty in just about everything.

  • Tests 73.7% THCa and 3.42% THC. Decent amount of CBG as well at 2.4% 

  • I'm pretty sure I covered CBG a review or 2 back. Top 3 terpenes are myrcene at 1.7%, alpha pinene at 1% and caryophyllene at .58%. 

This one is a great wake and bake. Started my day a little off. 

Lots of anxiety. But this really helped. Very very relaxing happy vibes. Nice energy at first but it definitely mellows out a lot. Had me moving slowmo for awhile in some cases lol. Finding beauty in just about everything. 

Flavor isn't really anything special. Decent quality. I've had better but effects are still great. This another great example of a cheaper option for patients. It's not dirty it's a decent product that would provide a lot of relief but its not the best on the market and the price should reflect that. 


Cough OG Live Resin Badder - MPX (Melting Point Extracts)

This stuff is unbelievably good. I'd say one of the best concentrates I've had in Maryland for sure

  • Tests @ 75.84% THCa 1.69% THC

  • myrcene at 7.5%
  • ocimene at 2.3%
  • limonene at .64%

Processor - MPX (Melting Point Extracts)

God where do I even start with this stuff. Smell alone is intoxicating. It doesn't get fresher than this. I was skeptical when I was told it's like a flowering plant but after I opened the lid it's just ridiculous. Fills the whole room. Flavor is just as fire. Has like a wet sand texture. 

This stuff is unbelievably good. I'd say one of the best concentrates I've had in Maryland for sure. And it's no surprise with the crew they have. 

They have been blowing my mind since they were at OG Clear. I'm pretty sure Shore Natural rx provided them the material and full plant if I'm not mistaken not just their trim. So with starting material from them plus the talent in that lab just makes an amazing product. 

  • If you haven't tried MPX I highly recommend treating yourself. It's a bit pricey but god is it worth it. And at 70 a gram they are still beating other processors prices. 

That being said once you smell it you wont even question it anymore it's just gotta have it. It's one of those fire scoops that you try to make last as long as possible because u just don't want to see it go. Effects are perfect. Even with the high myrcene content it doesn't really slump you. Still have energy for the day with extreme relief to the body and mind. 

I didn't have any anxiety really from this I had a very small one at first but it passed so quick I barely noticed it. It's just a clean clear effect that's just amazing. It does mellow out for sure. 

  • This is like an after work/end of the day treat when you just need something amazing to dust you off. It melts so clean. I Highly recommend this! 


Purple Tiger Shatter - OG Clear

"When it comes to shatter you don't really want a potent smell. Loads of energy nice focus..."

  • Tests 79.49% thca and 2.03% delta 9 thc also has 1.78% cbg. 

  • Top 3 terpenes are alpha pinene at 1.5%, myrcene at 1.4% beta pinene at .55%. 

Processor - OG CLEAR

Loving the flavor of this one. Not much smell leading me to believe its de-waxed. When it comes to shatter you don't really want a potent smell. Loads of energy nice focus. 

But after a few dabs is more relaxing. This is the first time having a nice high alpha pinene level. Gotta say I'm enjoying it. Effects last a decent amount of time before I feel I need to medicate again. 

Slight anxiety but nothing I can't handle. And not really surprising most of the terpenes are energy sativa effects. The material came from shore naturals so it's most likely hand trimmed and we all know they put out some fire. This is significantly better in quality than the lost lamb. Melts a lot cleaner. 

It is a little harsh on the chest. And kind of sizzles a bit. But I'm definitely enjoying this one. But once again wouldn't buy this if it wasn't on sale. Not trying to be mean or anything but when you have premium nug run for the same price why bother with this? 


Lost Lamb 🔥 Shatter - OG Clear

"I didn't have anxiety at all. Just deep relaxation..."

  • Tests 71.63% thca and 6.74% thc. 4.13% cbg and 2.44% thcv. 

Processor - OG CLEAR

This has an amazing flavor on this one that lingers for a bit. It's more of pull and snap rather than like glass. It's coming in at a about 4.26% total terpenes. It's not the best quality. 

Most likely machine trim. Just not the cleanest melt. All in all it's not bad though. From what I hear they are doing an overhaul and will have some heat coming soon. It did Give me a bit of anxiety at first but when It passed it was very happy energetic leading to a great relaxation made my body feel great. 

This had me in a good zone for awhile not really couch locked but not gonna lie I was zoned into the TV for a bit. Also after the first few dabs I didn't have anxiety at all. Just deep relaxation. This was a lot better than the last sale where everything was very low quality. 

Honestly it makes sense for this to always be a lower price just based on the fact that its trim run and also machine trimmed. It doesn't make sense for trim run to be the same price as nug run there needs to be some diversity. And why not hook up the shore there should be no high delivery fee we should be seeing fire deals on local brands like middle MD gets but it seems like it never happens. 40 a gram is about the lowest we have seen down here. 

  • I see 25 a gram shatter deals often down there. Anyway I really liked this one and had no adverse effects like I did with the last sale. At the same time though i wont be buying it for more than 40. 


Pineapple Skunk Live Budder 🔥 - gLeaf 🌿 Medical

This stuff is great! better for night time or a lazy day. Full of flavor. Soothing relaxing effects.

Tests 63.88% THCa and 10.3% THC. 

Also high in CBG with 3.88%. 

Top 3 terpenes are: 

  • terpinolene at 7.21%
  • myrcene at 1.6%
  • limonene at 1%. 

This stuff is great! better for night time or a lazy day. Full of flavor. Soothing relaxing effects. It's definitely pricey but it's definitely great. 

Plus live extracts and high terpenes seem to have amazing effects. I get a lot more relief from these kinds of products. The terpenes play huge roles in how cannabis heals. The entourage effect Is always something to think about. If you haven't tried a full spectrum extract I highly recommend it. 

Diamonds and high THC are great but they only help so much. On a side note CBG is a non psychoactive cannabinoid that is actually known as an antagonist because it actually interferes with the "stoned" effect created by THC. 

It has many many benefits including Analgesic (relieves pain), Antibacterial (slows bacteria growth), Anti-convulsive (reduces seizures and convulsions), Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation), Anti-insomnia (aids sleep), Anti-proliferative (inhibits cancer cell growth), Antidepressant (raises mood), Bone stimulant (promotes bone growth), Brain cell stimulant (promotes neuron growth), and is an Appetite stimulant. 

This cannabinoid is usually found in hemp plants and not really common in high THC strains. All in all I'm loving it. Just wish the price was more reasonable. 


After 🔥🌿 Burner - Grow West

"This one was a lot stronger than expected. Hit me hard. Lots of couch lock..."

After 🔥🌿 Burner - Grow West

Tests 24% thca and 1.2% thc. Topeka 3 terpenes are myrcene at 2.65% (relaxation) a-pinene (energy) at .19% and caryophyllene (energy) at .1%. 

Got this untrimmed. I'd say about 2 grams or more were trim. Hidden under the trim though were some beautiful buds! 

Very frosty. Great smell. Nice bud formation not too fluffy but not so dense that you question it. 

This one was a lot stronger than expected. Hit me hard. Lots of couch lock. Perfect bed time strain as well. Not too too costly. Especially if your across the bridge I wish I had that access. 

  • Anyway I liked this one. Worth a shot if you're having trouble sleeping. 


Shore Side Live Resin Sugar - Culta Cannabis

"This stuff is delicious! Strong aromas as well..."

This one has a great flavor. Almost candy like in my opinion. Very similar to effects as the shore side shatter. Main difference is the flavor. 

This stuff is delicious! Strong aromas as well. As soon as the jar opened smell just smacked me in the face. This one is more on the sedation/relaxation side where the shore side shatter had more energy to it. 

This has its anxiety benefits but I feel like the last 3 I reviewed might have worked better. Or maybe it's just me and my anxiety is a little higher than usual. I mean after the exhale I was slightly more anxious but then it kind of melted away. 

  • I definitely like the other ones better personally but this is still a great product.  


Shore Side Shatter - Culta Cannabis

"No more anxiety really. The energy leads to a deep deep relaxation..."


Tests 49.9% thca and 1% thc. Also 36.7% cbda. Has 3.45% total terpenes. 

Top 3 are myrcene at 1.36%, a-pinene at .47%, And caryophyllene at .47%. This one is very very stable. The love shatter was kind of sappy because of all the Terps. 

This has the normal results if shatter from what I've seen. The love was over 9% usually I see around 3%-7% with shatter. This one is very energetic. I guess the caryophyllene and pinene together overpower the myrcene. 

I feel like pinene in general is very strong in general even small amounts are noticeable. I did have very very minor anxiety. But like I said with the energetic strains it seems to cause a little anxiety. 

Not really sure why. Sometimes it's fine sometimes it catches me off guard. It was very minor though and only on the first dab. Once i adjusted it was smooth sailing from there. 

No more anxiety really. The energy leads to a deep deep relaxation. Covers the whole body. 

  • Extremely relaxing. I could use this one on it's own as well. 


LOVE Shatter - Culta Cannabis

"This stuff is great for anxiety or PTSD or any panic disorder!!! "

  • Dispensed by @positiveenergyoc
  • Processed and cultivated by @cultaig 

Tests 55.2% cbda and 1.2% Cbd. Has 26.5% thca and 1.3% thc. Top 3 terpenes are myrcene at 6.12%, a-pinene at 1.06%, and limonene st .74%.

This stuff is great for anxiety or PTSD or any panic disorder!!! You still feel the THC it's just not as intense. The CBD really balances your mind so your clear headed while still benefiting from the THC. Honestly if you suffer from a panic disorder I highly recommend this. 

I tried CBD alone and it's OK but it just doesn't make my symptoms completely go away. But with the entourage effect it's a whole different story. I mean in an even handle high limonene strains with ease as long as I have enough CBD in my system. I mean this strain is really great for it on it's own. Has me very happy enjoying my life with absolutely no stress. 

I highly recommend this. And idk what the regular price is but at the price I got it ($30 a gram) it's very reasonable. 

And you cant beat this medicine. I've been trying hard to figure out this paradox that cannabis is. It causes cures anxiety.... but why is that??? So far what I find is THC in general causes anxiety. It can get you overthinking and stuck in your head. I also find strains that are more energetic (limonene,caryohpylene,pinene etc) seem to cause more anxiety. 

They are uplifting and happy which can make your anxiety better true but anxiety is not depression necessarily. They go hand in hand but have different symptoms. 

Also those strains seem to be more mental effects which can be very bad for a person with panic disorders. Anyway seems like the only thing to solve this paradox is CBD. And I've found caryohpylene to be helpful but can also make my anxiety bad at times. This seems to be a great balance. It seems to be a 2:1 (cbd:thc). I also slept very well using this. Only thing I can see though is it doesn't really help my stomach too much. 

  • I find myself using other strains with it. This is great for anxiety and pain though. 


Grapefruit Wax - Liberty Cannabis

"This one has great aromas to it. Very very citrus'y..."

Tests 79.3% thc. Top 3 terpenes are caryophyllene at 3.69%, myrcene at 2.21%, and humulene at .95%. 

This one has great aromas to it. Very very citrus'y. 

The name Grapefruit suits this well. Taste is right up there with the aroma. It's very very good. 

Effects are great! Very slight anxiety at first but it's very short lived. Leads to a great euphoria. Honestly wish I could at least get a full gram or more of this at a good price so I could have this more often. 

I really like this one. 

Has me up and moving getting work done. I feel like the headliner though is the flavor and smell. Liberty does a fantastic job with their concentrates. Always seem clean and packed with flavor. 

  • I just cant spend $50 for .5 and feel OK about that. Then again all the prices kind of make me sad lmao.


Sour Face - Shore Natural RX

"I mean seriously an amazing euphoric happiness...."

Tests 28.86% THC-A. Has a small amount of THC at .18%. Has a total of 2.170% terpenes. Top 3 are limonene at .933%, myrcene at .748%, and linalool at .189%. 

I don't know much about THC-V except it's an appetite suppressant. This one gave me anxiety for sure. But paired with CBD its usable. And once the anxiety dies down It has an amazing energy to it. 

I mean seriously an amazing euphoric happiness. You cant help but be hyper and smiling. This was extremely harsh for me though. I mean real heavy burn to the chest after the hit. 

Also had some yellowing on the leaves which could be any number of things. I actually think some strains have a yellow tint? Not really sure though. It has its flaws but all in all it's not too bad. 

  • Not the best shore naturals has put out but it definitely has its perks. 


Secret Weapon - Harvest of Maryland

"The effects however are very good. Nice anxiety cure...."

  • Cultivated by @rockvilleharvest
  • Dispensed by @ochitide 

This strain was pretty good. I only got popcorn buds so I didn't get many nice pictures or visuals. Smell is kind of like cheerios. It's not really much in the aroma or flavor department. 

The effects however are very good. Nice anxiety cure. Gets you out of your head and just relaxed and ready to tackle the day. 

Tests 21.79% thca. Top 3 terpenes are caryohpylene at 1.31%, limonene at 0.61%, and humulene at .57%. Its not much for an appetite stimulant but as far as mental relaxation it is a great one. 

  • Great for daytime use. No couch lock or laziness. Really like this one. But I love anything with high caryohpylene. 


KILLER Grape - SunMed 🌄 Growers

"As you break into the buds they start to exhume more of a sweet floral aroma vs the earthy..."

So decided to give sunmeds flower a try. I've tried the prerolls and didn't really like them. I'm hoping the flower itself though is better. 

I really like the packaging and the fact that's its sealed inside. As soon as I cracked the seal I was hit with a strong earthy aroma. The highest terpene is myrcene at .62% also has terpinolene at .35% and then a tiny bit of caryohpylene. 

As you break into the buds they start to exhume more of a sweet floral aroma rather than the earthy. And after it hits the grinder I opened it and took a whiff and honestly got extremely excited lol it smells amazing! Very nice aromas coming off this bud I really enjoy that. 

Taste is kind of a combination of them all with earthy just slightly in the lead. It does have some grape after tones. Immediately after the exhale you feel it go to your head and your mind just calms putting you into a zone. Good for concentration or some game or TV time. 

Probably more of a night time strain or if your really anxious and just need to put your mind at ease for awhile and forget your troubles for awhile. I gotta say I'm impressed. I mean I did get some slight anxiety. 

  • Sometimes myrcene rich strains make me feel a little weird. But overall it was very calming and relaxing. Buds aren't too sticky but it's also not dry to the point its falling apart in your hands. Overall I really enjoyed this one.