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Culta Cannabis - Historic Outdoor Grow

Sun Grown in Cambridge MD

Culta Sun Grown - Cambridge MD

CAMBRIDGE, Md. — We visited Culta's historic outdoor grow and can report - Maryland Good Good is going on in its purest form in Cambridge MD

Imagine if you will row upon row of glistening cannabis plants gently blowing in the breeze... The dream is real Maryland.

With nearly an acre of carefully tended cannabis plants Culta has shown its true colors as this state's "Connoisseur" Cultivator by taking risks and dedication to HIGH quality products = commitment to community:

From the Washington Post Article: "The East Coast’s first outdoor, commercial cannabis harvest is underway"

“It’s a race against the clock to get it out of the field,” said Barch, owner of the medical cannabis cultivation company Culta, which launched the multimillion-dollar experiment.

Marijuana farms in Northern California and Oregon have been growing pot plants outdoors for decades. Farms in Colorado are plentiful, too. But commercial growers on the East Coast until now have cultivated marijuana in warehouses or greenhouses.

Partly, that’s because the region has been slower to adopt legal marijuana industries. But mostly, it’s because the humid climate and variable temperatures on this side of the country create less-than-ideal conditions for outdoor cannabis." 

While we were there the outdoor cultivator manager mentioned a very basic greenhouse being built on the grounds where the plot now sits. We look forward to getting back to Cambridge later this winter to see how the "Greenhouse" they plan to construct around the grow is going... 

  • Stay tuned fellow Connoisseurs

Culta Sun Grown - Field of Dreams
Culta Sun Grown - Field of Dreams