Curio Wellness - A Premium Dispensary in Timonium MD

True Believers In Holistic Health - Curio Wellness

Holistic Health... We hear about this a lot in Medical Cannabis, but we don't see much of it... Come to Curio Wellness if you want to see how Holistic Health is being put front and center in a positive light.

Traffic is always terrible especially when you are running late, and Baltimore traffic did not disappoint as I arrived @ the Dispensary a few minutes late... I was then notified that I was @ the wrong place, you see Curio has a cultivation facility just around the corner and Google Maps was just not picking it up, but I digress... So I pack all my things and head over to the cultivation facility about four blocks away.

I was met with the usual high security that I am getting used to by now (full disclosure - I have been to four of these facilities, which makes me a veteran lolz) and I got to go full "Breaking Bad" style as I put on my white overalls that protect against introducing bad things into a closed ecosystem such as a 56,000 sq foot cultivation facility... I must add, that whatever Curio is using to suppress the smell is absolutely working as I did not notice any untoward smell until well into the facility... Kudos Curio.

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"Curio Wellness is dedicated to providing Marylanders premium medical cannabis that is safe, effective, and reliable. A pure plant can only come from a pure place. 

Everything we grow and process comes from our state-of-the-art, hygienic facility under the watchful eye of health care and agricultural experts."

Cultivation Facilities + Premium Dispensary

Wendy Bronfein and her sister Rebecca from Curio met me and gratuitously gave me the full on tour and two hours later I emerged with my head swimming in facts figures and tons of notes and questions...

My biggest take away from the cultivation facility is that they are running a very tight ship, Chris Holshouser their Head Cultivator and Master Grower (from NC, I noticed that familiar southern drawl and inquired) runs a tight ship.... These huge modern cannabis cultivation facilities are a marvel of modern high technology mixed with some very manual artisan labor... I witnesses an infrastructure that was created to be a cannabis factory, no parts are delivered and assembled... the "product" is grown on-site in a closed ecosystem where everything is finely tuned and calibrated, even the scraps that accidentally make it to the floor are then swept up and used... One super efficient green factory, hidden in plain sight right off York Rd in Timonium MD.

From there we headed to the Dispensary... which is as impressive as the cultivation facility but in other wonderful ways.

I was impressed upon entering with the very clean aesthetics, modern color palette and minimal apothecary style overall... You couldn't tell this was a cannabis dispensary from the front retail sales area which is dominated with professional looking display surrounding the concept of health and wellness with a particular attention  to women's health... The rose petal bath soak display gives away the intention to connect with upscale professional ladies.

Wendy and her team has built something unique in Maryland, a holistic health oriented retail dispensary that is also a community platform for wellness... Yoga classes, Acupuncture and Herbal advice completes the picture and helps to reveal the vision of the founders.

Visit THEM in Timonium and they will make YOU a believer