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Cultivation Facilities Introductions | The Maryland Connoisseur.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and the first step should be introductions:

First up is Jared Miller @jaredismiller he is Culta's Sales Manager and from what I can tell an all around problem solver, good kind of guy to have around.

Jared's background is in the Wine and Spirits Family business based in Georgetown, he is also deeply connected to DC's promotions scene and has transitioned his career over to Medical Cannabis. Jared has a passion for veteran's PTSD and CTE in sports and how Medical Cannabis is able to help with both... I have been able to talk to Jared at length about his vision for not only Culta but the whole universe of modern medical cannabis and it's application across a wide array of topics... I can talk shop for hours and so can Jared.

Jared is surrounded by some of Culta's finest Adub and 🍋 Lemon Diesel in the flower room.

Next is Jay Bouton and he's the Head Cultivator in other words he runs the show at this facility and I observed him in action in multiple levels in the grow process from advising on trimming fan leaves and curing to identifying the dozens and dozens of strains, clones and mother's.

Jay is pictured with Culta's most popular strain... Dosidos! and Space Face 😜

We have both Jay and Jared posing in front of a sea of plants in the vegetative room.

Lastly we have John Enders and he's the inventory manager, I caught him in his office as we were coming through and he was nice enough to let me take him photo.

More to come...


Cultivation Facilities Photo Essay Part #3 | The Maryland Connoisseur.

Next stop after the water and nutrient mix control room is the "Clone Room" and it's even labeled as such.... First thing you notice is the humidity goes way up... Like you're in a huge humidity dome..I guess you are.

I should mention since we're in the Clone Room where the little clones are just starting out getting super tender care and love from Jay @will_travel_4_art and John @jenders44 who were part of the original team brought in with vast knowledge of cannabis cultivation at this scale and quality.

Sweeties and Scooby Snacks begin the life cycle that will eventually find themselves in your bag with you going home with a big smile 😊
(Not pictured) Jay demonstrated how easy it is to control the LED lighting in this room with just a mere flick of the finger and everything can go dark real fast... Anyhow it shows a simple capability that makes dialing in a crop that much easier and better.

More organic life juice is brought in via piping from the water control room

A vast sea of clones... And the last image is the clone mother room, where the Maryland Champs live out their lives fussed over and treated like the royalty there are. 👑

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Cultivation Facilities Photo Essay Preview #5 | The Maryland Connoisseur.

In order to make awesome products you have to have an awesome system, and they do at Culta's ultra modern modular facility in Cambridge MD.

Everything starts with good water and good nutrient mix, which is why we're talking about this after Introductions. 

They have an enormous reverse osmosis machine for perfect PH levels so the nutrients can do their job more effectively.

The piping takes the organic juice to other parts of the building where more MAGIC HAPPENS.

A perfect cycle and circle of life ☯️

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Featured Dispensary - Zenity ☯️ Wellness

A Classy Modern Dispensary Packed With Some "Maryland Elite" Level Product

So I found myself in the pouring rain on a rather melancholy looking Thursday morning driving to Zenity Wellness, the traffic was typical Baltimore meaning every person for themselves, but I digress. The ultimate destination was a happy place filled with happy people selling Wellness with a capital W to the nice people of Gaithersburg Maryland.

The dispensary itself is a very warm looking inviting place where the hues of its earth tones and plants meet the chic minimal contemporary apothecary look that is popular among the more connoisseur retail spots.

One could see a DJ tucked away in the corner plying his trade in a place such as this... where the wellness industry meets the coolness industry and there is a lot of overlap.

When I arrived Cody and Nick the manager and co-manager had prepped the staff and were waiting for me, so this was a great start... I settled in quickly and started on my task, taking pictures and talking to the staff and patients.

Andrew helped check me in quickly and efficiently and I am now getting text alerts for daily deals, everyone loves a deal.

There was Jesse and Eric manning the retail POS area and they were a sharp duo preaching the message of medicinal pain relief to the mostly middle class clientele who were quite receptive.

The dispensary was well stocked with the latest selections from all the best players: Shore Natural RX, gLeaf, HMS Health, ForwardGro and Harvest.

Cody was very proud of the custom built wood displays out in the sales area and he should be, they were built by his father and they are something special... you don't see this attention to detail in some other dispensaries.

I picked up HMS Health's new strains which I will be reviewing later, but I can tell you this... so far the Pineapple Kush is very very nice.

A classy modern looking dispensary packed with some "Maryland Elite" level product, knowledgeable staff who are evangelist for the modern cannabis movement and mission, which is to elevate and remove the stigma surrounding cannabis use wrapped up in a blanket of wellness all while having fun and helping patients... gotta love this new industry and smartly run businesses like Zenity Wellness.

Connect with Zenity Wellness

Zenity Wellness is a Gaithersburg Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Zenity Wellness connects suffering Gaithersburg individuals with a natural option to enhance health and happiness. 

The medical cannabis dispensary operates in full compliance with Maryland state laws to equip those in need with education, personalized care and lab-tested marijuana medicine.

Zenity Wellness was founded to cultivate and provide the highest quality medical cannabis in Maryland. The founders assembled a team of professionals throughout a variety of industries who shared a common belief in compassionate care. 

The Zenity Wellness team strives to make a difference in the lives of its patients and looks forward to opening its doors to any Gaithersburg patient in need.