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Blueberry Cereal

Powerful Sativa Starring - "BLUEBERRY CEREAL" 💙🔥Soaring Sativa SURREAL - Evermore Cannabis Co  

Smell The Greatness  - Special Skunk x 90s Skunk 

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  1. Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine Contributors

The Connoisseurs

'My name is Linda Biggs, I am a Watercolorist, Cannabis Entrepreneur and Advocate in Maryland & Washington DC.

My story is a celebration Cannabis Saved my Life and brought me back to a state of homeostasis..."

Canna Cloud MD - Contributor

MMCC Patients Favorite Budtender Traits

"I posted a poll on a cannabis resource page for Maryland on Instagram. People were asked the following; “What traits make your favorite budtender special?” “What things do you feel need improvement?” 

A total of 73 responses were submitted. It was so very intriguing and exciting to hear straight from so many patients! "


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Maryland Connoisseur Blog - Educate and Medicate

Study To Begin On Veterans With PTSD

"Of all of the patients that need cannabis, veterans are some that need it the most. Suffering from PTSD and other after effects of the wars they’ve been in lead to some of the highest suicide rates in the country. With very limited VA medical options, our soldiers are forced to ingest Oxycontin, Xanax, Percocet, and other heavy drugs to combat their symptoms. This leads to high addiction rates among vets, showing that there needs to be another way to treat PTSD in the people who fought for our country..."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Highlight

True Believers In Holistic Health

"Wendy and her team has built something unique in Maryland, a holistic health oriented retail dispensary that is also a community platform for wellness... Yoga classes, Acupuncture and Herbal advice completes the picture and helps to reveal the vision of the founders."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - The Community

Breaking Barriers

"Culta Concentrates are wildly popular at the moment @ dispensaries all over Maryland, their gPen and sauces using the whole plant extraction method being particularly fine to this particular connoisseur.

Did you know the head of the extraction lab is a transplant from Colorado and she's also pioneering in her own right here in Maryland being the first woman to head up a major extract lab in the Mid-Atlantic..."