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Jason Grass

My name is Jason Grass (a.k.a. Big J!) After suffering for years from pain, due to back/neck injuries/surgery, I found medical cannabis more effective than doctor's pills! So, I quit my career of 26 years and started as a budtender @ Curio Wellness early 2018. 

I thoroughly enjoy helping/teaching others on the how too's of treating themselves with medical cannabis. I teach a lot different ways to use cannabis; however, I encourage others, like myself, to use their cannabis with dry herb vapes (Pax2, Pax3, Volcano). 

Also, teaching others the art of infusing whole plant cannabis into coconut oil is a true passion of mine. I teach classes on how to... Connect with Big J to see the times!

Cannabis is teaching me to enjoy my family and life again! 


GSC - Highgarden by Harvest of md

Here comes Minty Sunshine! As the spacey strong euphoria comes on...

I opened the lid and bam! The old school stink hits my nose! Is that #GSC!? What a classic medicinal strain that touches the body the same way, every time!  The familiar citrus, minty/sweet, yet earthy stank comes alive after the grind. And... check out those crazy bright green buds filled with crystals and #terps!

  • Strain: GCS 
  • Grower: Highgarden by @Harvestofmd
  • THCa: 26.4% Consumed Via - Volcano/Pax2

At 26.73% and 1.47% #myrcene, a little bit takes care of my pain and stress.  The heavy body Kush feeling comes on fast with this cookie strain. calls this OG Kush x Durban Poison hybrid a slight indica lean. Agreed!

The #pax2 ligh hits green... here comes Minty Sunshine! As the spacey strong euphoria comes on, droopy eyes, relaxed muscles, and very creative talking moment hit hard. This #GSC by #Highgarden @harvestofmd is like a warm bean bag after a long work day... 

There's Nothing like Girl Scout Cookies! 

  • Peace Big J


Willie's Tour Bus - Grassroots Cannabis

"The lack of stress stands out, as long lasting euphoria sets in..."

Hey Hey from Big J! 

Willie's Tour Bus came by.... and 'I got on'! Cowboy Willie was behind the wheel this time! (Bob W) This crazy giggly 20% THCa Sativa leaning flower does the trick for Big J! Thanks to @grassroots_md this Highway Man x Northern Haze cross allows for a long lasting funky bus ride... 

  • Strain: Willie's Tour Bus 20% THCa
  • Hybrid Sativa 60/40
  • Grower: GrassRoots_md
  • Used Pax2-3
  • Picked up from @curio_timonium 

Once I opened the lid, i got on the bus, and a lite earthy sweet, yet sour smell hit my nose. Check out those crazy hairy buds (Willie's on the bus!), they are totally covered in crystallized trichomes! The strong lime green colors bring happiness to my eyes... wow! As this sticky bud comes out of my grinder, and Oh my gosh earthy, sweet honey, sour smell hits my nose and taste buds hard!  

Out of my #Pax3 comes tasty terps and a surge of focused happiness, with wonderful muscle relaxation. The lack of stress stands out, as long lasting euphoria sets in for the long strange trip on Willie's Tour Bus! 

  • Enjoy y'all!  - Peace  - Big J


Banana Split - gLeaf

"Banana Split, at first, hits the nose with a light sweet sour smell."

Grower: gLeaf

Strain: Banana Split

THCa: 27.23%

Pax3 and volcano

Hey hey from Big J smoke of the day! 

Fall brings weird weather, less day light, and it's cannabis harvest time! Wow! Nothing like fresh new strains to pick from, for what ails me... I'm always up for a banana-split any time of the day! This energetic, uplifting, sweet 'creaper' strain has the THCv and terpenes I enjoy. 

  • As I opened the lid, the big buds popped... Wow! Love seeing x-mas tree style trimming before December. Thanks to @Gleaf, these buds with nice frosty hairs, have kick started my dead head day into major pain forgetfulness with laughter. 

Banana-split, at first, hits the nose with a light sweet sour smell. However, once banana-split hits the grinder, the strong sour, bubble gummy, bitter smells come to life, in a big way. calls this tangie x banana sherbet cross a 60/40 Sativa. Which explains the energy and creative feeling I have.

My pax3/volcano both pull all the flavor out of this "creaper's" vapor, then lifts my eyes into a very creative uplifting high! I'm digging on the spacey alertness with giggles! ...there's nothing like a fall banana-split creaper! 


Big J


Breakfast - Grassroots Cannabis

"This danky, earthy, funky smelling flower at 28.7% kills the pain and leaves you ready to cook!..."

Breakfast 28.7% Only @curio_timonium until Weds @grassroots_md grower

Picked up at Curio -Smoked, vaped, consumed AVB from volcano...-Used after work clean 6pm and morning time clean 9.30am

Hey from Big J smoke of the day!  This strain they call #breakfast by @grassroots_md is worth a full on wake'n bake my friends! I'm having this great smoke with coffee and Sunday AM cooking... 

Check out this spungy x-mas tree bud with orange hairs all over! Wow! Out of the grinder came an orange cream citrus funky fun smell! The taste... volcano and Pax3 pulls out all the he orange creamy earthy flavors. It was almost like fresh orange blossom honey on top of toast.  

This danky, earthy, funky smelling flower at 28.7% kills the pain and leaves you ready to cook! But watch out for the heavy eyes... 

Breakfast leans a touch on the indica side... says... it's a 60% indica/40% sativa strain and was created through crossing the Coffee Kush X Tang Tang strains. 

One thing to take away from #breakfast... be ready for an after #breakfast nap! Those orange hairs relaxed me into a painless, full bellyed mid-day nap!