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Liberty Cannabis

With eight years of cannabis production under their belt, Liberty Cannabis is THE oldest cannabis company on the East-Coast.

They are also the local guys having started up in the District and like the weed we all love have spread their own unique brand of goodness all over the country.

Dedicated to individualized care, innovative products and exceptional experiences.

We're on a mission.

We put our first roots down four years ago in Washington, DC, and we've been growing ever since. Opening our first Liberty Cannabis stores in Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania means bringing our mission to life. We're more dedicated than ever to providing individualized care, innovative products and exceptional experiences to our patients and partners. We welcome you to explore this site for more information, but the best way to get to know us is to visit one of our locations and see for yourself.

We're different than most. 

We're driven by two things. The first is our passion for medical cannabis. The second is our commitment to the values that lead us into this business in the first place and still guide us today. Those values include QUALITY (industry-leading, medical-grade products informed by our seasoned team), LEADERSHIP (the highest levels of experience and professionalism), INNOVATION (tech-savvy and forward-looking), EDUCATION (informing customers on treatments and trends) and COMPASSION (an uncommon standard of care).


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Blue and Cream - Liberty Cannabis

"As heard through the audio-prism of Digable Planet's classic 90s album Blowout Comb..."

This is the third batch of Blue and Cream in the last two weeks, which is to say I really like this strain of Maryland goodness from Liberty Cannabis and Holistic Industries.

The effects come on pretty quickly and in abundance, hard hitting  and lingers for awhile... Sedative Euphoria is what I would call this Blue and Cream, although the Indica features are pronounced there is enough heady euphoric energy to feel well rounded - Body & Mind with this one like the yin and yang perfectly coiled up against each other.

  • These effects are produced from the 28% total cannabinoids and nearly 2% terpenes of which B Myrcene 0.68% D Limonene 0.69% and B Caryophellene 0.37% being TOP TERPS, combine for one pretty wonderful entourage effect -Sedative Euphoria, see below.

This is some of the finest evening medicine this Connoisseur has had in some time, the best comparison I can make is with Evermore Cannabis Co MD famous - Blue Cookies, those of you in the know will know what I mean.

The sedative body waves roll in after about 20 - 30 mins and the rest of the evening is mellow mania, as heard through the audio-prism of Digable Planet's classic 90s album Blowout Comb which is an appropriate vibe and headspace to enjoy this super fine product.

These little nuggets of purple, green and lime joy are available all throughout MD @ Dispensaries right now for a bargain $60 a quarter @ Health For Life White Marsh and $75 a quarter for a slightly higher THC batch (31%) @ Your Farmacy in Lutherville either batch will do you well and I didn't really notice a difference in appearance between the two.

  • Enjoy Liberty Cannabis Co's Blue and Cream with a Bud and some Music Below.