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Linda Biggs

'My name is Linda Biggs, I am a Watercolorist, Cannabis Entrepreneur and Advocate in Maryland & Washington DC.

My story is a celebration - Cannabis Saved my Life and brought me back to a state of homeostasis. 

In 2012, I was victim to a wicked accident. After years of traditional medicine, therapy, life was really not worth living. That was when a friend introduced me to Cannabis, in 2015. It was a lifesaving moment..."

I did not know that then but during this journey of healing it is what saved my life and brought me back from a Traumatic Brain injury and permanent spine trauma. Along a chronic pain situation from 20 years of Lyme, Cannabis was the medicinal tool to heal me.

It have been part a the journey of advocacy in Maryland, fighting for change and I was one of the first medical patients. I gave a speech at Cannabis Professionals Meeting July 2018 and The Maryland community started taking me seriously. Maryland supported my mission and now we are sharing nationwide. 

As the healing over time took place. I began painting images in celebration. My images are now featured on our Cannabis QueenRX ancillary products. Our products celebrate Cannabis and Feminine Energy.


Free Spirited Usable ART - Journal

Filled with delight. Perfect for journaling your Medical Cannabis experiences or just doodling! Lined paper with green coil spine. The original art is watercolor, the most difficult of all mediums.

2 versions available. The Original Cannabis Queen Art or the new option Killer Queen. The Free Spirited topless Cannabis Queen was our first journal. Now we offer a second option so you can use her at work on your desk, she is a little more mainstream. Both journals are glorious feminine energy, offering an inside front cover coloring page, perfect for a little added relaxing therapy.


  • 5.5in x 8.5in
  • 100 Lined Pages

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Linda Biggs Artwork

Linda Biggs Art - 10 x 13" smoke tray

We at Cannabis QueenRX are so happy to announce the arrival of our new LARGE 10 x 13" smoke tray. 

This tray has so many uses and is now hitting inventory shelves nation wide. When I started our Cannabis Ancillary small business, we had no idea the impact we would have on the industry. Our products are celebrating feminine energy and all that is feminine and beautiful. 

Yes we love stoner art, and all, however, our products offer choices of real fine art, diversity and beauty in your everyday life.

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