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The Jason Grass Experience

My name is Jason Grass (a.k.a. Big J!) After suffering for years from pain, due to back/neck injuries/surgery, I found medical cannabis more effective than doctor's pills! So, I quit my career of 26 years and started as a budtender @ Curio Wellness early 2018.

Cannabis is teaching me to enjoy my family and life again! 

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Canna Cloud MD

"Hi! My name is Kristin or Cloud as most people call me. I am a 37 year old single mom of a 12 year old girl, cannabis patient, advocate, and budtender. 

I am diagnosed with PTSD, GAD, Panic disorder, ADHD, and OCD. Most of these stem from the loss of my 8 month old son years ago. I knew all of these disorders were weighing me down and diminishing my quality of life..."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Peace Love Tree

"I am currently a Grad-Student and "Budtender" @ Nature's Medicines in the Baltimore area. 

I enjoy visiting new dispensaries and testing new strains to help with my chronic pain and anxiety. Cannabis helps me get through the day!"

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Linda Biggs

'My name is Linda Biggs, I am a Watercolorist, Cannabis Entrepreneur and Advocate in Maryland & Washington DC.

My story is a celebration - Cannabis Saved my Life and brought me back to a state of homeostasis. 

In 2012, I was victim to a wicked accident. After years of traditional medicine, therapy, life was really not worth living. That was when a friend introduced me to Cannabis, in 2015. It was a lifesaving moment..."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Andy Likes Diamonds

"When Andy isn’t working or skating You can find him testing and pressing MMMj for his Crohn's disease, depression, anxiety and a few other things. So far he loves it! Throughout his trials, Some have been better then others though, and he’d like to share his honest opinions with everyone..."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Will Parks

Hello all! I'm Will Parks, owner of Saucier Willy. I make gourmet condiments and seasonings, teach cooking with cannabis classes, and host private classes/events. 

Interacting and helping others with making their own medicine at home has been amazing and has filled me with purpose. When I'm not in the kitchen my focus is on my family. My wife and 2 sons are everything to me! 

Cannabis is a special herb. I use it to relieve migraines, pain, anxiety, and depression. 

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Lit Witchcraft

"Juliana Converse is a writer, educator, "good witch,". She loves using her extensive cannabis knowledge and teaching background to contribute to a healthier, happier Maryland..."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

Chosen Glass

"I Started using cannabis a long time ago for severe anxiety attacks, PTSD, and pain after being stabbed in 2014. Started writing reviews for myself to document how strains effect me and then realized others benefit as well and am always down to help. Love affair with glass began with collecting and finding bliss the first time I got behind the torch...."

Maryland Connoisseur Magazine - Contributor

The BroHam Review

"My friends call me Ham I use marijuana to relieve my chronic pain and help with mental illness , explosive personality disorder, PTSD, major depression, ADHD...

I am a Mayan Shaman 30 yr old male and my mission is to better the lives of those I can so they may help others do the same..." 

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