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  1. Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb

Indica Cannabis Lovers Choice

Signal Hill - A Secret Society

Post Rock For a NEW Era - Signal Hill emerged in the fall of 2004 from the cluster of noise and competitiveness so famously known as the music scene of Los Angeles's urban sprawl. Tim Cooper (drums) and Dave Masters (guitar), having known each other only in passing in Phoenix, met with Rishi Arora (guitar) and Brian Vasallo (bass). Immediately, camaraderie and bonds were formed through shared experiences and appreciation for musical influences such as indie rock, instrumental/post-rock, electronic music, jazz and more.


Contemporary Dream Pop - "I don't think DIIV intend to be subversive; they're a traditionally structured indie rock band with lyrics that are mostly unintelligible if they're not in the song title. But Oshin isn't just a gorgeous and unusually melodic dream-pop record; it's an interesting experiment in whether a band based on voice/guitar/bass/drums can rely on the guitar to carry the song's meaning." More Future Retro

The Drums - I Need A Doctor

Generation X Nostalgia - "The way that you're supposed to get through the laze is poolside. Almost everyone knows that. Or, if you're unable to find real estate poolside, you must imagine oneself poolside and you must be very convincing for it to work. Lead singer Jonathan Pierce, guitarist Jacob Graham, drummer Connor Hanwick and guitarist Myles Matheny have done everything they can to bring the sentiments of Benjamin Braddock of "The Graduate," just floating and wandering, into their music. It takes on a curious combination of nostalgia and repulsion of what's transpired.


Hair Metal + Techno + Hip Hop - "Theirs is an imperial presence, somewhere near the crossroads of rock, electronic and hip-hop. Though their songs are pop-length, and each is bound to get stuck in your head, these are not actually songs in the conventional sense... While the album is a home studio creation, most of the material begs to strut on stage for a hungry crowd. Indeed, what we have here is a long-awaited stepchild of IDM and hair metal sensibilities, joined by the omnivorous appetite of hip-hop."


Beaumont - Blush Response Side B

There's a studied vintage sheen that coats the debut of Michael Rintoul. The iridescent faux-script of his Beaumont logo alone suggests much careful consideration of cheesy straight-to-VHS soundtracks and Miami Vice re-runs. But similar to the electrofunk-indebted debut of Kinnego's other young discovery, Space Dimension Controller, Rintoul succeeds in something more subtle and more significant than pure retro pastiche.


Words like "elegant" and "evocative" aren't usually easily applied to digitised harps and tinny handclaps, but in the neon-lit noir world of Blush Response, Rintoul finds beauty in the singular sound of Fairlight-era synthetics.

Lemon Jelly - The Curse of Ka'zar

From the smooth horns of opener, "Elements", to the effervescent "The Curse of Ka'Zar", you can tell that Lemon Jelly have definitely got it sussed. Weaving a merry dance through tracks like the Charlton Heston narrated "Ramblin' Man" and the children's nursery rhyme of "Nice Weather for Ducks", Lost Horizons is packed full of nifty little samples, beautifully crafted with distant electronica and crisp beats.

From the sound of trumpet fanfares, to wisened harmonica and flutes, Lemon Jelly have retained their organic roots, and delivered an album which, though weighing in at a mere 8 tracks, is still jolly good. Check out this great video - FUTURE RETRO


90s Instrumental Hip Hop Classic - "One of Josh Davis’ greatest vinyl discoveries was the 1969 album Songs Of Experience by the then largely forgotten Californian composer/producer David Axelrod, and in particular, the melancholic piano figure of its track ‘The Human Abstract’, set to become the central hook of ‘Midnight In A Perfect World’. “I thought the whole album was amazing,” Davis enthuses. “It was one of those records I would just play to everybody else in my kind of little record-digging crew..."



Mid 60s Indie-Mod - "The stellar album from Glasgow's spectacular pop sextet was influenced by a wide variety of heroes: Jimmy Webb, Lloyd Cole, Connie Francis, Skeeter Davis, The Supremes, and David Lynch. Decidedly upbeat and catchy while also beautifully romantic, quiet, and reflective, Let's Get Out of This Country does not disappoint." FUTURE RETRO


Olivia Newton John remade as an Indie-Rock Diva - "In the video accompanying the single she peers into a vanity mirror at her reflection, maintaining eye contact with her own image as she reaches for various potions and salves, the products she leans on to make herself beautiful. The video comprises several dreamy vignettes shot over the course of a single day at a gallery in Denver... In each scene, there’s a mirror, and Moore stares into it, transfixed." FUTURE RETRO


Just go ahead and plan to watch this one full screen... this is a 5 minute mini-movie with plot twists and a protagonist etc, and the music is good as well, much "poppier" than the Strange Trails album I am currently digging but that's not necessarily a bad thing the tight melodies and sweeping majestic chorus changes combine with the vintage cinema visuals to create a very intoxicating effect.

Upbeat Cinematic Indie Pop - Future Retro


Singer - Songwriter - Future - Retro

"Weightlessness, no gravity
Were we somewhere in-between?
I'm a ghost of you, you're a ghost of me
A bird's-eye view of San Luis

Oh, highway boys all sleeping in
With their dirty mouths and broken strings
Oh, their eyes are shining like the sea
For you, the queen of San Luis

I'm a ghost of you, you're a ghost of me
A bird's-eye view of San Luis..."


The Jacksonville Single - "Adams’ childhood in the “old city” of Jacksonville was a more idyllic vision. “I lived in this beautiful neighborhood that had a duck pond and I just remember big open spaces and big thunderstorms — I’m talking, like, massive bright daytime clouds. Right around there was a Piggly Wiggly, a local pharmacist, a tobacco shop that … just saying that makes me want to weep. ‘Cause I remember my grandfather smoking a pipe and the smell of his tobacco.” Tom Petty Future Retro


Lo-Fi Indie Surf - Beach Fossils emerged in 2010 with their self-titled debut album, a lo-fi take on surf rock that launched them to the forefront of New York’s crowded indie rock scene. That’s where they’ve stayed since, sharpening their fidelity and dream-pop instincts on every successive release. This year’s Somersault, their fourth and best yet, envelops crisp guitar jangle and clever songwriting inside cocoons of ornate detail, recalling classic 4AD acts like Cocteau Twins and The The. GOOD FUTURE RETRO


First Runner Up - "Stranger Things" Intro Theme Song - “Open,” the first track on In Decay, offers an early glimpse at that path: part vintage video game soundtrack, part sci-fi fantasy, the track introduces Haley’s obsessions with eight-bit-style synthesizers and thick dance beats.

According to the producer, the track is especially prescient. “‘Open’ is virtually opening the vault on the early infant stages of the Com Truise project,” Haley tells Rolling Stone. “I feel like it’s a mission statement of sorts for what would follow.” ELECTRO FUTURE RETRO

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