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"Plants Over Pills & Patients Over Profits"

I asked Rob the Manager @ Nature's Medicines in Crofton to write down in a line or two what his store is all about...

  • "Plants Over Pills & Patients Over Profits"

I have to say that I am rarely very impressed being a somewhat cynical observer, but with Rob's simple yet powerful statement I was just that... Impressed with its quiet simplicity and apparent truth, kudos Rob.

Sitting down and talking with Rob one also becomes aware of the quiet dignity in which he carries himself and by extension his staff, there is a modest pride he exudes when talking about his co-workers accomplishments in helping to found the Nature's Medicines brand in Maryland, first by planting the seed in Ellicott City growing the operations then cloning the foundational knowledge with a small number of fellow travelers and transplanting it all to Crofton.

The tight-knit community they have built out in Crofton is a testament to their tenaciousness and activist zeal - "From the Root To The Fruit" that classic old saying applies to Crofton Nature's Medicines well.

Staff Flower Faves

Honorable Mentions:

  • Grapefruit Sour Dream - Culta
  • Nurse Jackie - Grow West
  • Garlic Cookies - Grassroots
  • Bubblegum Skunk - Harvest
  • Blissful Wizard - Curio

Nature's Medicines - Ellicott City

"Your Friendly Neighborhood Dispensary, Having Fun and Serving Patients..."

These guys know how to have fun while working hard and making it all look easy, the staff and crew @ Nature's Medicines in Ellicott City make you feel welcome and at the same time inform you on the latest in cannabis products, news and tech in Maryland.

What separates these guys is their individual character rolled up into one and the passion for the product they love, their recommendations are coming straight from the heart backed with science and loving care in a very stylish and contemporary dispensary experience.

  • Check out Nature's Medicines Staff Picks and Conversation Video @ the Store.

Nature's Medicines Medical Cannabis Dispensary
Staff Flower Faves

Honorable Mentions:

  • Poochie Love - Culta
  • Purple Obeah - Evermore
  • Bubblegum Skunk - Nature's Heritage
  • Blue Cookies - Evermore
  • Do-Si-Dos #22 - Culta

Deli Style with Over 100 Strains!

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