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Peace Love Tree

"I am currently a Grad-Student and "Budtender" @ Nature's Medicines in the Baltimore area. 

I enjoy visiting new dispensaries and testing new strains to help with my chronic pain and anxiety. Cannabis helps me get through the day!"


Gorilla Quake Vape Pen - EvoLab

"This was by far the best, most natural tasting vape pen I have ever had..."

Gorilla Quake Vape Pen Produced by: EvoLab

Total Cannabinoids: 74.20%

  • THC: 71%
  • CBG: 1.70%
  • CBN: 0.70%
  • CBC: 0.80%

Total Terpenes: 9.52%

  • B-Caryophyllene: 2.42%
  • Limonene: 2.25%
  • Linalool: 2.05%
  • a-Humulene: 0.71%
  • B-Myrcene: 0.55%
  • B-Pinene: 0.51%
  • a-Pinene: 0.45%
  • B-Eudesmol: 0.42%
  • Terpinolene: 0.16%

If you know me, you should know I don’t usually use vapes with the exception of my dry herb Arizer Air. I am not a fan of the feeling that most distillate vaporizers give me. It is almost a sense of not getting fully medicated in the right ways. That being said, the EvoLab company prides themselves on using 100% cannabis-derived CO2 extracted cannabis oil.

According to their website, since pure cannabis oil is too thick to be vaped in a cartridge, many companies thin out their cartridges with non-cannabis cutting agents such as PG, VG and MCT oil. EvoLab surpasses these companies by using an absolutely cannabis-derived cutting agent that harnesses the terpenes and flavonoids to provide an experience that encompasses the full benefits of the cannabis plant.

As if this was not enough to convince me to try this product, this pen is rechargeable and refillable, all at the price and size of a disposable. That means when I am done with my delicious Gorilla Quake, I can fill it with the distillate or terp sauce of my choice!

  • This was by far the best, most natural tasting vape pen I have ever had. 

When I saw that this pen had over 2% linalool, I knew I was in for a flavorful and relaxing experience. The taste is very similar to a live resin with a very fresh, terpy draw. The preset temperature is dialed in so the hit is very smooth and does not burn the back of the throat. But, rip it a couple times and it will hit you hard in the throat. I found that some cool-down time is necessary.

I was very relaxed after using this pen for most of the night. At a concert with friends, I was able to feel very comfortable and enjoy myself. The body effects were soothing and allowed me to stay out late without feeling the psychical toll of standing and dancing.

  • A euphoric and relaxing experience in convenient packaging!


Strawberry Daiquiri - SunMed Growers

"What caught my eye first about Strawberry Daiquiri was the high percentage of terpenes"

Strawberry Daiquiri (Jack the Ripper X Strawberry Cough)

Cultivator: SunMed Growers

Purchased from: Nature’s Medicines Ellicott City

Total Cannabinoids: 11.89

  • THCA: 10.97%
  • CBGA: 0.56%
  • THC: 0.27%
  • CBG: 0.09%

Total Terpenes: 4.347%

  • B-Myrcene: 1.49%
  • Terpinolene: 0.921
  • a-Pinene: 0.60%
  • B-Ocimene: 0.4%
  • Trans-Caryophyllene: 0.29%

This strain caught my eye as I was picking out my discounted gram at Nature’s Medicines. Since I was purchasing an eighth of flower, I received an additional gram at a discounted price. Because it was so cheap, I was willing to take an experimental approach and try something with a lower THC content than I usually purchase. What caught my eye first about Strawberry Daiquiri was the high percentage of terpenes, which in my mind makes up for the significantly lower THC content. I was excited to see the effects of such a terpene-rich and low-impairing strain of flower.

At first glance, the structure of the buds was a little bit looser than I was used to but provided for an easier breakdown and separation of bud from the stem. While the appearance is less dazzling than a THC-rich strain that is sparkling with trichomes, this strain has an excellent scent of a fruit salad. On the first inhale, you recognize a cheesy funk but upon the exhale, the strawberry aroma is unmistakably present. That fresh terpinolene smell is by far my favorite!

I smoked a whole joint of just the Strawberry Daiquiri by itself and enjoyed the flavor profile and calming effects. However, when I was finished with the joint, I was left feeling as though I wanted to smoke something stronger. This is definitely due, in part, to my acquired tolerance to THC. That being said, this strain is a great option to be added to a stronger but less terpy blend of flower. 

This strain may also be ideal for those who are more sensitive to THC but still enjoy the effects that medical cannabis has to offer.

  • This strain makes for a great salad and a flavorful smoking experience!


StarDawg (Chemdog 4 X Tres Dawg) - gLeaf

I would recommend this flower for social events as well as to increase appetite

StarDawg (Chemdog 4 X Tres Dawg)

Cultivated by: gLeaf

Purchased from: Nature’s Medicines Ellicott City


THC: 0.40%



b-Caryophyllene: 0.72%

trans-Nerolidol: 0.70%

Limonene: 0.27%

Humulene: 0.26%

Linalool: 0.18%

Myrcene: 0.17%

Since I began working as a patient service provider at Nature’s Medicines, a deli-style dispensary in Ellicott City, I have heard nothing but great reviews of gLeaf’s StarDawg flower. For a long while, it seemed that gLeaf had suspended the production of this strain, as it had not made an appearance in quite some time. Needless to say, when I came into work and saw that we had received a shipment of StarDawg, I had to get my hands on it. I was even more delighted to find that this particular batch was testing a little over 30%! 

At first glance, the buds were darker than I am used to with gLeaf flower and had a bit of sugar leaf that remained on the bud. However, this concern was quickly alleviated by my initial smell of the jar. The intense and pungent aroma absolutely hints to the potency that lies within the bud. The earthy notes of the smell have hints of citrus and pepper. After handling the buds, a film of sticky citrus fragrance remained on my fingers.

On the first hit from the bowl, I was very surprised that the pungency of the smell transformed into a sweet and pleasant tasting smoke production. I could quickly see what the hype was about. With over 30% THCA, I was expecting this bud to floor me and put me out of commission for the rest of the afternoon. On the contrary, I found myself in a productive mood and noticed a significant improvement in my mood. I also noted that it settled my stomach to the point that is was able to eat large amounts uninhibitedly. 

  • I would recommend this flower for social events as well as to increase appetite and soothe muscle pain. This strain is a winner in my book!


CBD Hemp Hash Rosin - Charmed Hemp

There is an unmistakable calming feeling that follows almost immediately after the exhale

  • Charmed Hemp
  • Hemp Co. based in Charm City, Baltimore, MD
  • Grown and extracted in Colorado and Oregon
  • Formulated in Baltimore, MD

As someone who enjoys the effects of CBD, I was excited to hear that a new hemp shop opened up in Baltimore. No medical card is required in order to purchase their products which makes this shop accessible to all connoisseurs over the age of 18. The storefront is easy to spot from the street and has a very nice aesthetic inside. I was greeted with a friendly smile and a run down on all of the products they have available at both personal and whole sale quantities. The icing on the cake was that all of the products are lab tested and the lab results are available in a binder that is out on display for consumer peace of mind.

They offer a selection of CBD infused waters and tinctures for those who do not enjoy combusting their CBD. For physical pain and inflammation, they carry various CBD balms and salves in several strengths. As for me, I was very interested in the beautiful, plump hemp flower nuggets, kief, pressed hash, and HEMP HASH ROSIN!

I was very interested to see how the hemp hash translated into rosin form. The hemp hash is made from the kief and then it is pressed on a beautiful rosin press to create a beautiful golden, amber colored rosin. I was very impressed with the quality of this rosin as I had never experienced an industrial hemp product that was extracted solventlessly. This was truly a treat for me.

The rosin, housed in an attractive packaging that denotes that it is lab tested and contains 60%+ CBD and <0.3% THC. The rosin has a sticky consistency that is similar to very thick honey. It has a light smell, but one can easily smell the relation to cannabis.

Rosin in general is best dabbed at a lower temperature than other concentrates, this is no exception. The first few times I tried this I scorched my nail. I would recommend starting by using a nail that is not very expensive until you have a handle on the sweet-spot temperature. The flavor of the dab contained a hint of that CBD, cherry-like flavor but was supplemented with a full spectrum of flavor that one does not get with CBD isolate. It is overall an enjoyable experience.

If you are someone who has never been able to feel the effects of CBD, this product will make you a believer. There is an unmistakable calming feeling that follows almost immediately after the exhale of the dab. It is almost like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. I noticed all of the tension that I was experiencing melt away. 

Very impressed!

  • Charmed Hemp offers a wide variety of products, so it is very likely that you will be able to find something that suits you! Try a Hemp flower pre-roll if you want just a taste!


Healer 1:1 THC/THCA Tincture - HEALER

All-in-all, I noticeably felt better about 15 minutes...

Healer 1:1 THC/THCA Tincture

Pain Relief Anytime Drops

Purchased at Starbuds

Product of Healer

Grown, processed, and packaged by Kind Therapeutics

THC: 53.2mg

THCA: 44.8mg

CBG: 2.0mg


a-Pinene: 1.92mg

b-Myrcene: 1.14mg

Limonene: 1.08mg


b-Caryophyllene: 2.4mg

I decided that I have lived in the Baltimore area long enough and still had not checked out Starbuds.  I had to change that. I was checked-in with ease and was dazzled by their deli-style bud display. After the budtender oriented me to the layout of the store, I told them that I was interested in a tincture, as I was interested in administering medication without having to smoke or inhale a vapor.

In order to combat symptoms of inflammation, I opted to get a 1:1 ratio THC to THCA low impairing tincture produced by Healer. Ingesting THCA without combusting it does not produce a psychoactive effect. I enjoyed that, while this product allowed me to experiment with the effects of ingesting THCA, it provided an equal dose of THC in order to deliver the uplifting effects that I love.

One thing that drew me to choose this tincture is that this is a new product and it includes the terpenoid profile information. This is very appealing to me as the importance of terpenes has become more prominent in standardizing the effects of cannabis. In other words, you know what you’re going to get every time.

The packaging is complete with instructions on use, as well as dosage.  A doctor-developed dosage guide is also provided at

Although this is a low dose tincture, I was able to make it through about half of my day without feeling the need to re-dose. I used half of the bottle at a time in order to gauge the full effects. At this dose, I received about 25mg of THC and 25mg of THCA.

  • All-in-all, I noticeably felt better about 15 minutes after taking the tincture. I am interested to try something with a higher dose of THCA as an ingestible. When the price falls a bit, I will buy the 300mg bottle! Thanks, Starbuds and Healer!


Bully Kush #2 - HMS Health

The fragrance is very pungent and had a floral-pepper kick. When you pop the top off...

Bully Kush #2

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cultivator: HMS Health

Purchased from: Zenity Wellness

Cannabinoid Profile:

  • THCA: 31.65%
  • THC: 0.96%
  • CBGA: 1.49%

Terpene Profile:

  • B-Myrcene: 0.829%
  • a-Pinene: 0.021%
  • B-Pinene: 0.058%
  • Limonene: 0.429%
  • Linalool: 0.103%
  • Trans-Caryophyllene: 0.609%
  • a-Humulene: 0.248%
  • a-Bisabolol: 0.14%

As you can tell by my strain selection, I enjoy variety. That goes for dispensary storefronts as well! Because I was in the area, I stopped in for a long overdue visit to Zenity Wellness. 

If you are not familiar, Zenity offers a plethora of HMS strains along with other great cultivators. I have been very impressed by what I saw coming from HMS so I chose a few of the heavy hitters. 

Out of those, Bully Kush #2 was exactly what I was looking for. Clocking in at over 31% THCA, this strain plays no games.

The fragrance is very pungent and had a floral-pepper kick. When you pop the top off of this container, you will turn heads. I was very impressed by the taste and smoke quality produced by these buds. It is not as harsh hitting as other strains that are packed with THCA. This is due, in part, to the fact that the buds were trimmed very well so you don’t get many leafy bits of plant material which can cause a harsher smoke.

The effects of this bud are amazing. Listed as an Indica dominant strain, this is a fairly sedating strain but offers a nice mellow buzz. I would compare the effects to those of an edible, with a shorter duration. 

It is not hard to tell that this strain is high in THCA once smoked. The lulling sensation offers a great way to relieve both psychological and physical stress and allow the body to relax. These effects are ideal for a chill night at home or a weekend of leisure.

  • HMS has left a very good impression on me and I am very excited to try more! 


Oro Blanco Dab Tabs - Nature's Heritage

This product has the potential to bridge the gap between cartridges vaping and dabbing concentrates

Oro Blanco DabTabs

Cannabinoid Profile:

  • THC:381mg
  • Terpene Profile:
  • Limonene: 4.15 mg
  • B-Myrcene: 1.9mg
  • B-Pinene: 0.6mg
  • Linalool: 0.55mg
  • t-Nerolidol: 0.5mg

In response to the demand for dose control in the industry of medical cannabis, DabTabs offer a consistent medicating experience. The pre-dosed tablets take the guesswork out of dabbing and allow the user to enjoy the world of concentrates while ensuring that they will not exceed the intended level of medication. 

This product has the potential to bridge the gap between cartridges vaping and dabbing concentrates. I had to try it for myself!

I noticed that Blair Wellness had DabTabs in stock so I made a trip over there. The lovely budtender that assisted me advised that they had three different strains available: a sativa, a hybrid, and an indica. 

As per usual, I opted for the indica option, Oro Blanco. They were a bit pricey but this was expected from a new product where you are paying for a bit more than just raw concentrates. You are able to pour the tablets directly into the hand without worrying about them sticking to you or melting and they are easy to pick up with the provided tweezers.

Although the tablets themselves are odorless, they provide full flavor, full-spectrum flavor. At the perfect temperature, I could detect a pleasant peppery tone in this strain. Watching the purplish concentrates seep out of the tablet onto the nail was a very cool sight!

  • Although this was dosed a bit lower than my average dab, I could appreciate the effects thoroughly. It definitely gave an indica vibe without fully knocking me out. I was able to enjoy the first half of my day pain-free! I can see the potential in this form of delivery and I am excited to see these at a higher dose! 


Diesel Dough Rosin - Culta Cannabis

The nose on this stuff is incredible!... It was like opening a bag of fresh cannabis flower!

Diesel Dough Rosin - Purchased and extracted by: Culta

Total Cannabinoids: 79.5%

  • THC: 1.5%
  • THCa: 77.1%
  • CBG: 0.8%

Total Terpenes: 7.04%

  • Limonene: 1.80% 
  • b-Myrcene: 1.55%
  • Linalool:1.43% 
  • b-Caryophyllene: 0.66%

When I saw that Culta was rolling out their Diesel Dough Rosin, the temptation to try it was too real! Now, this was a bit out of my budget, but I figured I’d treat myself and I trust Culta to deliver each time. Deliver they did!

This is only the second time I have gotten rosin from a dispensary so I am a bit of a newbie in the rosin game. The consistency of this batch is buddery with a glossy brown color to it that almost looks like a terpy cookie dough.


The nose on this stuff is incredible! When I opened the container, it was like opening a bag of fresh cannabis flower. It has a citrus diesel smell that is almost indistinguishable from the smell of flower.

I would recommend taking a dab of this at a lower temperature... as Andy, a fellow connoisseur, advised me that rosin prefers a lower temperature for getting the best experience and not scorching your nail. The flavor is more mild than I expected because of the strong smell. It is a very clean and natural inhale with a floral exhale.

  • The effects are well-balanced and very similar to the effects of smoking flower. Diesel Dough carries the Sour Diesel genetics which makes it an energizing sativa, while the Do-Si-Dos genetics mellow out the wired feeling that may come with some “pure” sativas.


Lemon 🍋 Skunk Shatter - Culta 🌿 Cannabis

Bringing together two great Maryland companies - Culta Cannabis and SunMed Growers

Lemon Skunk Shatter Cultivated by SunMed Growers Extracted by Culta

Total Cannabinoids: 75.7%

  • THCa:72.9% 
  • THC2.3% 
  • CBG: 0.4%Total 

Terpenes: 3.81%

  • a-Pinene: 0.42% 
  • b-Pinene: 0.27%
  • b-Myrcene: 0.60% 
  • Limonene: 0.42%
  • Ocimene: 0.41% 
  • Linalool: 0.32%
  • b-Caryophyllene: 0.53% 
  • a-Humulene: 0.29%
  • Caryophyllene Oxide 0.22%

While making my usual rounds at the local dispensaries, I noticed something new in the Culta concentrate display case, Culta extracted SunMed Lemon Skunk. 

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some consciously cultivated medicine from the sun. When I got home to sample this shatter, I noticed how delicate the shatter was compared to some of the other recent Culta shatters, so I attempted to handle it with my hands to warm it up. This turned out to be a mistake because it becomes very sticky, very quickly.

When I was able to carefully pick away a sizeable dab, I was very impressed at the clarity of the shatter, once it adjusted to the room’s temperature. I wanted to take a dab at an extra low temperature to get all the potential terpene and flavonoid experience. 

I was delightfully met by the taste of pineapples and lemon, a very light and refreshing flavor. This is some of the best tasting Culta shatter that I’ve had in recent times, so they definitely earn an A+ in Flavor Town!

The effects of this particular concentrate were well suited to my needs and offered a great dose of medication throughout the day. I used this before bed for a nice sedating and relaxing feeling that helped put me to sleep in record time. Then I took another dab to start the next day. I did notice some slight couch-lock, but this was mostly due to how much I was enjoying the sedative effects.

  • All in all, I am really loving this stuff and would definitely buy it again. Perfect for weekend relaxation! 


GS 🍪 CBD - Evermore Cannabis Company

"This strain really hit the spot for me and I feel the need to pass along my experience..."

GS-CBD (GSC X Pennywise)

Produced by: Evermore Cannabis Company

Purchased from: Temescal Wellness

Cannabinoid Profile:

  • THCA: 9.17% THC: 1.56%
  • CBDA:17.33% CBD: 0.78

Terpene Total: 2.22%

  • a-pinene: 0.28%
  • B-Caryophyllene: 0.18
  • B-Myrcene: 1.3%
  • B-Pinene: 0.13%

This strain really hit the spot for me and I feel the need to pass along my experience. I was searching for strains that had lower THC percentages in order to lower my tolerance to THC while still being able to find relief from my symptoms. 

It was very lucky that Evermore was having a sale on their GS-CBD flower and cartridges! Testing at about a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, GS-CBD is a great way to experience the relief of CBD while delivering a fairly substantial dose of THC.

The flowers are compact and medium in size. Any connoisseur can see that they have been trimmed with care and precision. When I broke them down I noticed that each flower was dense and had a sticky sweet smell to it. The scent is a combination of pine and lemon that fuses to create an undertone of licorice.

As with most CBD heavy strains, I expect a certain level of harshness to the smoke. With GS-CBD, I was able to take it in at big doses and there was no harshness. Despite the lack of a strong THC effect, this strain is indistinguishable from the standard high-quality THC heavy strains on the market.

This composition of this strain makes it ideal to start the day with. The anti-anxiety properties of CBD help me to calm the pre-workday nerves and find a Zen amidst the craziness. 

  • The lower THC content allows one to function without being couch-locked or groggy. It also helped lower my THC tolerance and allowed me to lower the doses of THC needed to feel relief. Solid strain and I will buy it again! 


Eastern Shore Cookies Shatter - Culta 🔥🌿 Cannabis

"Ten minutes after dosing, I felt a giggly euphoria..."

Eastern Shore Cookies Shatter

Product of and purchased from: Culta

Cannabinoid Profile:

THC: 1.5%

THCA: 80.2%

CBG: 0.6%

Terpene Profile:

b-Caryophyllene: 1.30%

b-Myrcene: 0.90%

Limonene: 0.72%

Linalool: 0.59%

Total terpenes: 4.71%

These days, Culta releases new strains of concentrates and flower on a regular basis. With such variety, choosing the right medicine for you can become a challenge. Luckily, Culta’s knowledgeable budtenders are more than willing to listen to your preferences and make recommendations that will cater to your needs, so don't be afraid to ask!

With their help, I decided on Eastern Shore Cookies shatter.  

I was impressed with the clarity and stability of the shatter. I am able to handle it with my hands for a while before it begins to become sticky. This makes it easy to snap of the perfect sized dab for any occasion. When snapped and kneaded in my fingers, the shatter releases an incredible piney smell that lingers in the nose. It really put me in the holiday spirit! 

I recommend dabbing this at a lower temperature in order to get the best flavor experience.   

The effects of this shatter are really what stands out to me. Ten minutes after dosing, I felt a giggly euphoria that was accompanied by some phenomenal physical effects. I immediately felt my sinus pressure subside and the aches that I didn’t even notice before, disappear. I felt a sense of sedation that helped me relax and unwind. 

Overall, this took me to a very comfortable place physically. I noticed that I began laughing uncontrollably at things that were not particularly funny, a case of the giggles that I had not experienced in quite some time and it was wonderful!

  • If you are looking for potency that will provide a lulling, blissful medicating experience, look no further. Give it a try!


Blue Cheese Diamonds - gLeaf Medical

'I was very uplifted and felt an enhanced lighter mood..."

  • Cultivated by: gLeaf
  • Purchased from: Blair Wellness

Cannabinoid profile:

THC: 2.37%

THCA: >98%

Terpene profile:

Terpinolene 0.68%

b-Ocimene: 0.15%

Medicine this good is as rare as a Blue (Cheese) Diamond!

While browsing for deals in my area, I saw that Blair Wellness had new gLeaf extracts in stock. I have yet to be disappointed by any of the gLeaf flower that I have tried, so I was more than excited to give these a try. I was particularly impressed with a Blue Cheese pre-roll I had tried; I couldn’t wait to see the diamonds that this strain yields.

These diamonds are light yellow in color, which is a result of their purity that clocks in at over 98% THCA! This batch consisted of small diamonds with a few chunks at the bottom. The smell is a very pungent lemony diesel that has a fresh, unadulterated quality. Because of their small size and their dry nature, it can be difficult to scoop them up with a dabber. It helps if the dabber is already a bit sticky.

The flavor of the dab is very mild. There is not much of a terpene profile on this product, but it can be easily combined with a terpy concentrate of your choice! The effects of these diamonds are no joke! 

Because this is almost pure THCA, the effect is almost purely psychoactive. I was very uplifted and felt an enhanced lighter mood. My appetite was noticeably increased and I was able to eat. A lot. I noticed a bit of anxiety and paranoia following this dab, but this was short lived. It may be useful to have some CBD product available, as CBD acts as a counterbalance to THC.   

  • gLeaf entered the extract market coming out of the gate running. One thing is for sure, they got this one right! Enjoy! 


Cali Chem Live Resin - Culta Cannabis

"This stuff smells amazing! After letting it sit at room temperature for a day"

Cali Chem Live Resin

  • Total Cannabinoids: 70.6%
  • THCA: 59.7%
  • THC: 10.8%
  • Total Terpenoids: 9.08%
  • B-Myrcene: 3.97%
  • B-Caryophyllene: 1.15%
  • Linalool: 0.70%
  • a-Humulene: 0.69%  

As most of us know by now, Culta has consistent sales on their high quality concentrates. It seems as though the time of the consumer is now! Because I have enjoyed just about all the medicine that they have “Culta-vated”, I had to pick up a few different selections of their wide array of Live Resins. 

Of the few that I chose, the Cali Chem was by far my favorite. This came as a surprise to me because it was the lowest in cannabinoid percentage, which is a common measure of potency. The first appearance of the live resin is that it was more viscous than the other strains I had picked up that day. It is a golden-amber colored sauce, containing little flakes of what I assume to be forming THCA crystals.

This stuff smells amazing! After letting it sit at room temperature for a day, I came back to find that the aroma profile had only improved! It was if I were transported from my house to the Culta extraction room! This has a fragrance that flaunts the same terpenes as the live plant; a sweet and fresh smell that makes your mouth water!

As for the flavor, it is very similar to the smell but provides a very smooth and clean tasting dab. I think that’s what I like about it the most; It has a very strong smell but not an overpowering flavor or harsh hit.

  • This is my ideal sleeping aid because it puts me in a very relaxed mental state and does not keep me awake with a persistent cough as some harsher meds do.


Tropical 🌅 Sunset - Temescal Wellness

"The first smell I got was sweet and earthy in the best way possible! "

  • Cannabinoid Content: THC: 0.66% THCA: 28.39% CBD: 0.13%
  • Total Terpene Content: 2.249%

As you may be able to tell by now if you’ve read my past reviews, I go where the deals are.  I wanted to check out a new dispensary in Baltimore and I saw that Releaf was having a sale on Temescal flowers, a rare sight! I knew I had to take advantage of this deal as soon as I saw the Tropical Sunset!

The buds are a gorgeous light green, each one with a glossy coat of trichomes. When the budtender allowed me to smell the display item, I knew this strain was coming home with me. 

The first smell I got was sweet and earthy in the best way possible! There is also a hint of berries that grows stronger once it is ground up. It has a strong terpene aroma which makes me wish even more that the terpene analytics were included.

A friend of mine, Jesse, is a trimmer for Temescal Wellness and he told me that this strain was one of his favorites to trim. He was able to share the lineage of Tropical Sunset: Purple Punch X Sunset Sherbert! An excellently crafted strain. Props to Temescal!

Clocking in at 28.39% THCA this strain aims to impress and impress it did. I was ambitious and packed myself a full bowl of this. Halfway through I was very medicated. Talk about instant relief! The body effects of this strain are amazing. All the aches and sores of the day melted away instantly and were replaced by a pleasantly mellow buzz. 

  • I felt energized enough to write and sedated enough to relax. Right in the pocket! 


Dutch Racer - Culta 🔥🌿 Cannabis

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Total Cannabinoids: 18%

THC: 0.3% THCA: 17.6% CBG:0.1%

Total Terpenes: 1.56%

B-Myrcene: 0.61% B-caryophyllene: 0.38% Limonene: 0.16%

while on a mission to try a new strain, I popped into Storehouse for a quick visit in-between classes. As always, I was greeted with a smile and a professional attitude. I put my trust in the suggestion of the budtender, Liz, and she did not let me down!

I mentioned that I have been a long-term fan of Culta’s medicine and that I wanted to try a Sativa dominant strain to add some motivation to my collection. She pointed me to the Dutch Racer and told me a bit about the strain.

There is very little information online about this strain so one may have difficulty determining the lineage of this strain and may assume from the name that it is a relative to Dutch treat (that’s what I was thinking). However, I was told that Dutch Racer is a phenotype of Culta’s Lemon diesel strain. So if you are a fan of that strain, give this one a try!

The buds show the usual indicators of Culta’s care in producing quality medicine. The glistening trichromes are accompanied by vibrant orange hairs that stand out against the opaque purple and green flower. The initial scent is a fresh piney whiff but not an overly pungent or invasive odor. 


I usually avoid strains listed as sativa because they tend to be less effective in dampening my anxiety. However, with Dutch Racer, I did not feel anxious at all! I was able to be social and did not feel as foggy as I would feel had I chosen an Indica dominant strain. I noticed an increase in my appetite, as I medicated with this strain prior to enjoying some Maryland crabs! It was an all-around great time!  

  • I could easily see Dutch Racer becoming my daily driver. The well-balanced effects make this the ideal strain for medicating with throughout the day.



Culta made me an offer I couldn't refuse…

  • Dawg Father Live Sugar
  • Provided and cultivated by Culta Cannabis
  • Total Cannabinoids: 91.3&
  • THCA: 79.2% THC: 11.6% CBGA: 0.5%
  • Total Terpenes: 7.11%
  • B-Myrcene: 4.40% B-Caryophyllene: 1.36%
  • Limonene: 0.94% a-Humulene: 0.43%

As if the deals on shatter weren’t good enough, Culta has upped the game to include several a high quality collection of live resin. During this particular trip, I picked up three different strains of live resin. I was blown away by all three. I know I am not alone when I say I am very excited to bear witness to the evolution of Culta extracts!

This Dawg Father was the most visually striking of the three, although they each had their own charm! I enjoy that I am able to scoop up these little diamonds and unlock an aromatic terpene smell as I do. The powerful, piney fragrance of the terpene sauce that we know so well is not lost on this one!

In order to get a good idea of the flavor profile, I started by taking a dab at a lower temperature than usual. Even with the smoothness of the low-temperature dab, there was an intense but pleasant flavor at the back of the throat. On the exhale, I noted an herbal, floral essence, like a fresh bouquet of roses.   

After a long day of walking and standing, this stuff put me at ease. The physical toll of the day was quickly assuaged and I was able to enjoy some “me time”. Thanks again Myrcene! On top of that, I completely forgot what I was worried about at the time... so that's a plus! 

  • Try out some of Culta’s high terpene concentrates and become a believer today!   


Fruity Pebbles 🔥 OG X Sour 👃 Dubble - Grow West MD

Trix for kids, Fruity Pebbles for 🕶️ Connoisseurs

Fruity Pebbles OG X Sour Dubble (FPOGXSourDub)


  • Total THC: 21.50%
  • THC: 0.80% THCa: 23.60%
  • Terpinoid Profile:
  • B-Myrcene:0.47%
  • B-Caryophyllene: 0.37
  • Purchased at Charm City Medicus
  • Cultivator: Grow West MD

Trix for kids, Fruity Pebbles for Connoisseurs  

I was drawn to this particular strain by the lineage and the positive experiences of fellow connoisseurs. I took advantage of Charm City Medicus’ “New Strain Sunday” deal that offered 10% off. 

I had never tried any products from Grow West MD, so I was excited to see what they had to bring to the table. When the budtender offered me a smell of this strain I was very interested to experience the effects.

My initial take on the flower was that the fluffy nuggets had an effervescent citrus fragrance. The sweet fruity hints of the FPOG combine nicely with the sour notes of the Sour Dub. This is a very clean, pungent smelling strain.

If you are looking for a heavy hitter, this is the strain for you. Although this is a hybrid strain, the indica effects shine through for me. When I went for a sample to begin my reviewing process, I was immediately put into a state of mellow couch-lock. This made it pretty hard to be productive. However, I must give this strain the credit it deserves. 

Accompanying the couch-lock was a euphoric sense of relaxation and tranquility. I found this to be very effective for relieving pain as well. Much of the soreness I had been experiencing had subsided allowing me to become physically comfortable. Despite the sedative effects, this did not make me excessively tired.

  • To sum it up, give this one a try! This could easily become a daily relaxation medication for me. After a stressful day, this will send you to a place of serenity. Kudos Grow West!


Painkiller XL - gLeaf Medical

It’s CB-Delicious!

gLeaf - Painkiller XL

  • Cultivar: GLeaf
  • Purchased at: Your Farmacy
  • Cannabinoid Profile:
  • THC: 0.02% THCA: 0.63%
  • CBD: 0.34% CBDA: 18.51%
  • CBG: 0.06% CBN: 0.04%
  • It’s CB-Delicious

This was my first time trying flower that has this high of a CBDA content… and this low of a THCA content.  I am sure that I shocked the budtender this time because requested an almost all CBD strain. She politely warned me that this strain may not provide the psychoactive effect that I had been used to. 

I explained that I was interested in this particular strain because I had been experiencing pain through the day and I wanted to try something new. I have also enjoyed much of the medicine I have procured from GLeaf in the past.

When I popped the top of the container I was blown away by the look and scent of this flower. As this was my initial experience with CBD dominant cannabis, I was not sure what to expect in terms of appearance. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this bud is virtually indistinguishable from the THC dominant variety. 

The buds were compact and frosty but they did not seem to have an abundance of visible trichomes, as other GLeaf strains display. The aroma consisted of a strong strawberry candy scent with the similar sour cannabis accent. The only major difference I find in the physics of this flower is the lack of a skunky tone.

My main concern with purchasing a strain that is majority CBD was that it may provide a very harsh experience, as this had been my experience with other 1:1 flower strains and CBD isolate. Here again, I was pleasantly surprised. The smoke produced from this strain is not very harsh at all. In fact, in combination with high THC strains, it adds a delightful flavor to the mix. Combining this strain with your favorite strain can give you an extra “painkilling” effect!

Side note: This strain contains 0.26% B-Myrcene, which may speak to the sedative effects of the strain!     


  • For maximum flavor potential, I like to administer this strain via my vaporizer, the Airizer Air. With this method, there is much less harshness but it produces a lot of vapor. The taste is sweeter and lighter than the run-of-the-mill flower. But, again, the difference is minimal which makes it very ideal for a salad!