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Storehouse MD - Designed For Well Being

We visited the team @ Storehouse in the trendy neighborhood of Mt Washington and were impressed with their community driven philosophy that combines well thought out + functional design elements within the physical built up dispensary environment itself, friendly open passionate and approachable associates with patient first pricing and selection.

The Mt Washington location is @ 5730 Falls Rd and they have ample parking in their own lot around the side.


"a patient experience that exceeds expectations..."

Hanging with Chris Burke @ Storehouse MD - Director of Operations

There are so many retail dispensaries opening up all over Maryland these days that it's easy to overlook some of the hidden gems out there, we were able to check out one of the nicest spots we have visited thus far @ Storehouse MD... they are "Designed For Well Being" that DNA is built into the physical retail space itself, visit them on Falls Rd in Baltimore and you'll see what we're talking about.

Christopher Burke is the Director of Operations @ Storehouse and he was able to chat with us for a bit... Get to know Chris and glean some insight into the new retail cannabis dispensary culture that is developing and evolving in Maryland, we were glad to spend some time in the store on the front lines.

MC - Tell us a little about your background, where are you from, how did you come to Maryland?

CB - I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, attended The Ohio State University and graduated from the engineering program in early 2008, then moved to Denver in early 2012 after returning home to Chicago for a few years. I jumped into the cannabis industry in late 2013 and helped to launch one of the first recreational stores in the country in early 2014, then continued helping the company scale up through 2017. 

I began working with a recruiter later in the year to find a new opportunity when I was introduced to the founders of Storehouse and we hit it off immediately, both from a personality standpoint as well as ethics and vision. Although I had opportunities elsewhere, including to stay put in Denver, I was attracted to the opportunity to pioneer a new market where there was still a lot of work to be done de-stigmatizing cannabis and making sure that this industry and this plant are represented correctly.

MC - I myself am a Mid-Westerner, I spent several years in Akron and Cleveland OH involved in the nascent Tech and Music industries in the late 90s and early 2000s, I love it there and consider Ohio my second Home.

What is it like being a dispensary manager in Maryland?

CB - So far Maryland has been a fun journey that has come with some unique challenges. Overall the state of Maryland rolled out a very high level program that was able to avoid some of the developmental headaches that are typical in a new market, having learned from other mature markets and implemented much of the good ideas while avoiding some of the pitfalls. 

MC - I have heard this same sentiment from many people involved in the industry. Tell us a little about your company Storehouse, background and most importantly Storehouse's vision and mission statement for patients.

CB - At Storehouse, our vision was to produce a patient experience that exceeds expectations while helping advance the discussion on cannabis and de-stigmatizing it. First we focused on creating a beautiful physical space, working with some of the best architects and designers in the city, to create a feel that was authentic to the old industrial history of the area but warm and welcoming at the same time. Next, we staffed with a group of professional, passionate people who felt obligated to get involved with this industry and had a genuine connection to cannabis.

MC - Tell our readers how you become a patient and your path to medical cannabis.

CB - To become a patient in the state of Maryland is simple, and a person seeking medical cannabis as a treatment option can register with the state and get started in a few quick minutes. Once you have determined to seek cannabis as a treatment option, all a person needs to do is jump online and register with the state. Within a few weeks the state will reply, and assuming you have been approved they will assign a 16-digit patient number, which you can then make an appointment at one of the registered doctors. 

It is recommended that patients bring any supporting documentation they have for their qualifying condition. Once the doctor approves cannabis as a treatment, the patient will be officially registered with the state and can head to the dispensary. Once at the dispensary, all the patients need is a valid government-issued photo ID and their patient number and the dispensary can look them up and verify all the necessary information. 

MC - Thanks for your time Chris, I think we are getting a good picture of what Chris Burke is all about, care to fill in details about yourself... Likes, Un-likes, Music, Style, have fun with this question.

CB - I am an active person who likes to keep busy in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. I have been a cannabis user for my entire adult life and psychedelic medicines have played a profoundly important role in my journey so far, which has largely contributed to my deep personal connection to this industry and the cannabis plant. 

I am an endurance athlete, having raced Ironman triathlon and many marathons over the years including the Boston and Chicago marathons, as well as a certified personal trainer and Pavel-trained Russian Kettlebell Trainer. Having come from Colorado for the last 6 years, I also enjoy all the usual Coloradan activities like skiing, hiking, camping, etc. 

Some of my favorite music would have to be Atmosphere, Blind Melon and 90's hip hop, and if I only got to listen to one album the rest of my life it would have to be Atmosphere's "Seven's Travels".

There you have it... Straight from the front lines in Maryland Cannabis Retail Operations, click on the IG button to learn more about Chris and check out the galleries below to learn more about Storehouse MD

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Everyday Low Prices: Our Commitment

At Storehouse we understand that money matters. We're committed to providing our patients with the fairest, most consistent prices in the state of Maryland. We will never make patients coupon clip and be forced to hunt for sales just to afford their medicine, but rather we will provide affordable access to our menu EVERY SINGLE day. Check out our Patient Advantage Program, which offers daily selections of medicine at the most affordable prices in the industry. And that's on top of awesome loyalty rewards programs and fun promotions! We also have a NO FEE ATM!

Our People: We built our amazing team to provide a personal and genuine experience for patients. Our diverse, friendly, and compassionate staff of experts will gladly provide every single patient, from newbie to connoisseur, the individual experience and guidance they deserve.